Verina Hotel: A hidden gem in the heart of Sifnos


Sifnos is a small yet charming island in Greece, located in the west of the Cyclades island group. Home to some of the most Pinterest-worthy sites, Sifnos has got it all. From the cleanest looking white-washed homes and magnificent traditional Greek chapels to the most delicious food and friendliest of the locals.

The place is amazing, the hotels are luxurious and ready to provide you with the most amazing time. Amongst them, one Hotel stands out and adds another star to the crown of Sifnos.;

The Verina Hotel. Verina must be at the top of your choice of accommodation at Sifnos and this article will provide you with all the reasons why you should choose Verina and all the details you will need to plan your stay in Verina.

Verina Hotel is one of the crown jewels of Sifnos. It helps you have a great travelling experience by giving you all the comfort and relaxation you need on vacation. It also owns the best spa in Sifnos and a superb restaurant.

The hotel truly appreciates the natural landscape from food to spa, from comfort to luxury, you demand it. Verina provides it.

There are three branches of Verina: Verina Astra, Verina Villa, and Verina Terra. All three cater to different needs and preferences of different people.


One of the best features of Verina hotels is their choice of location. After reaching the island through a ferry or a private boat, you can reach the hotel using private taxi services taken by yourself or provided by hotel at a prior request.

Verina Astra is situated on the east coast Sifnos, near the islands of Milos, and Antiparos.

The hotel also faces the sea providing the visitors with mind-blowing views of Aegean Blue all day long. Whereas at night, the hotel provides the ideal place for stargazing.

Verina Villa lies in the fishing village of Vathi, and if you are looking for peace while enjoying all the facilities and luxury, Verina Villa is the apt choice.

Verina Terra lies in Platys Gialos, near to one of the most cosmopolitan beaches in Sifnos. Therefore, if you aim to meet new people and enjoy good food, you must select Verina Terra.


All the branches of Verina Hotel are full of facilities and amenities to make your stay unforgettable. The following facilities are provided at all three places:

  • Wi-fi Internet access all across the property and in all rooms
  • Free Parking
  • 24-Hour Reception / Front Desk
  • Beach Towels
  • Boat Trips
  • Car & Motorbike Rental
  • Cocomat Beddings & Pillows
  • Doctor (upon request)
  • Evening turndown service
  • Infinity pool
  • Laundry & Ironing Service
  • Best spa in Sifnos
  • Room Service
  • Safe Deposit Box

Moreover, Verina Villa provides other facilities as well, such as:

  • Individually controlled air conditioning
  • Beach and pool towels
  • One master TV room with 3D TV (6 pairs of 3D glasses)
  • iPod stands in all rooms
  • Fully equipped gym
  • Hamam
  • Tennis court
  • Private parking area
  • A swimming pool filled with seawater
  • Outdoor lounge area and dining room
  • Playground Sea sports equipment (2 canoes, one 3-seat kayak, two surfboards, snorkeling equipment for five people)
  • A small yacht dock at 300m

Bostani Bar and Restaurant

In Verina, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your dinner in Bostani Bar & Restaurant, one of the best Sifnos restaurants.

Bostani offers fine dining with a fine view. It is set amongst the beautiful garden overlooking the sea, which adds to the joy of eating a world-class meal in a wonderful setting.

The food is bound to play with your taste buds while making the best use of locally produced fruits, vegetables, and meat. Along with good food is good wine, This Sifnos restaurant is another reason for you to choose Verina.

Bostani Treatment Spa

The hotel is renowned for its spa services within the Verina Astra property under the name Bostani Treatment Spa. The spa’s trained professionals, with their unique and relaxing techniques and naturally available ingredients, provide you with the best spa experience in Sifnos.

This spa allows you to enjoy this self-time in the most serene surroundings overlooking the calm sea and chirping of birds which is music to the ears.

In summary

To conclude, Verina is the heaven you are looking for this summer vacation. Greece, with its charm, and Verina, with its quality comfort, food, and other amenities, is the perfect blend you need to steam off all the tensions and stress you encountered and start afresh.