6 Foolproof Ways for Keeping Your Belongings Safe at the Airport Parking Lot

Your belonging’s safety is your priority.

Of course, it is. Travelling itself is a pain sometimes. Add delayed flights and bad weather conditions and your situation just gets worse.

Travel theft is only too common so I am not surprised you want to look for ways to keep your belongings safe at the airport parking lot in case you are travelling alone.

If you wanted to learn some safe tricks to protect your belongings then you are at the right place.

Here are 6 foolproof ways for keeping your belongings safe at the airport parking lot.

#1 No Valuables in Your Car, Please!

I mean this one’s obvious isn’t it?

Sure you can keep your luggage in your car that comes with a password-protected locker. But, to be honest we can never be careful enough when it comes to protecting your valuables like electronics, jewellery etc.

If you have no choice but to keep some valuables in your vehicle, then dividing your valuables is crucial. Use a safety locker, that is impossible to break into for your most valuable items.

Place important documents, like a licence or car insurance at different protective spots within your vehicle. In this way, you will not be placing all your belongings in one basket and even if there is a loss, it will be minimised.

#2 Choose the Best Monthly Parking Option

Plenty of options are available for long-term parking at the airport- it may be indoor or outdoor parking. Choose the 24 hr parking lot under the monthly package or any other economy plan that will suit your needs.

Do not place your belongings in a vehicle where the parking is outside the airport parking lot since most of these have very good security coverage (with cameras) that others may not have.

Pro-tip: Park your vehicle in a sunny space, as airport theft is most likely to happen in dark, shady spots.  If you get a spot in front of a security camera, even better!

#3 Don’t Forget the Spare Key In Your Car

Give your spare car key to a close friend or a relative and such other people who you trust. Make sure they are people you can fully trust with your valuables and vehicle and aren’t those friends who might take your car for a spin while you are gone😉.

#4 Take Extra Precautions

If you are concerned about your belongings, then invest in a good alarm system, and place it within your vehicle. Linking it to a security app on your phone will give that extra protection to your belongings placed in your car.

Check if your windows and doors are all rolled up and locked in completely.

#5 Opt for Airport Car Services

This is a wise move for many reasons.

Some private car services offer car washing, car cleaning and such other maintenance services.

Firstly, this will help you hold the car service agency accountable for your vehicle. Secondly, it will not be left unattended throughout your entire travel time. So, you can relax knowing the valuables in your vehicles will be safe (at least to an extent! ).

#6 Arrive Early at the Airport

If you are in a hurry, you will forget the more important things to be done. So how about you arrive early at the airport, and clean swipe your car to check all the windows, doors and locks? Do this in your own sweet time and you will not have to fret again.

Pro Tip: Preferably choose parking spots near the perimeter or entry-exit points where pedestrian vehicular traffic is high. This will provide double-layered protection.

Final Thoughts

When boards or airport staff inform you “we are not responsible for your belongings”, take them seriously.

No matter how important your trip is or even if you have limitations on the time it still makes sense for you to prioritise the above to secure the safety of your belongings.

Follow the 6 foolproof ways for keeping your belongings safe at the airport parking lot as discussed above and you are good to go!

Ramitha Ramesh is editor at KarbonCardBlogs and focuses on Content Marketing Strategy for many clients from Finance and Travel niche industry in US, Canada & UK. Mary has been a guest author at various publications. She is also an expert at using the    vendor payment portal systems to help small business owners manage their finances.