5 Benefits of Using a Foam Cannon to Wash Your Car

Maintaining a clean and well-running car is important, and if you don’t keep up with the washings, your vehicle will pay the price. Dirt comes with abrasion, and it can actually eat away at your car’s clear coat. To avoid pitting, fading, and rusting, auto experts have a few suggestions on the proper method of washing your car. So put down that old sponge, soap, and wash bucket. The foam cannon has arrived!

The Rolls Royce Of The Industry

A foam cannon allows you to effectively and thoroughly clean your vehicle and achieve a professional car wash shine without ever touching it. The car device creates the power of a pressure washer at various levels in tackling some of the filthiest vehicles out there to those just needing a gentle cleaning.

A thick suds is formed by using a foam cannon to wash your car, and most auto detailers believe that this method is more sensible than using the old-fashioned and wasteful, two-bucket method.

1. Avoids Scratches

Washing your car may look like a simple enough task, but hand washing your vehicle can leave behind scratches you never thought were possible to create. Most folks use a big, yellow sponge that is flat without containing any porous elements to it. There’s a problem in the making because a sponge will merely grind all the dirt, salt, and gunk right into the paint. Scratching forms with all that rubbing.

A foam cannon is superior because it releases the perfect amount of foam, lubrication, and pressure to get the smooth, scratch-free job done.

When you are looking for the ideal foam cannon to buy it should be designed to deliver maximum suds and wash success. This is an impressive piece of car washing equipment that comes with a spray gun device that connects right to your water hose for easier use.

2. Removes Dirt Easier

A foam cannon also provides an exceptional method for really removing dirt from your entire car. In the traditional hand washing technique, it can take tons of car soap to get the job done. A wash mitt or sponge can miss several areas of your vehicle, and after it dries, it’s quite noticeable to see the spots you missed.

Then, there’s cross-contamination as you re-dip your sponge into the bucket. In other words, you may be reapplying dirt to your vehicle as you near the end of the washing routine because the water’s getting filthy by then.

With a foam cannon, you’re spraying foam directly to the surface of your vehicle shooting far and wide and getting it into every nook and cranny.

3. Becomes Economical

When you choose a foam cannon or foam gun to attack dirt and grime on your car, you’re saving money. The dilution ratio is 2oz. soap to 28oz. water in an average cannon, for instance. You’re only paying a tiny amount for the foam soap that can be used for several car washings.

In addition, your vehicle’s getting a professional standard foam wash every time, and your wallet isn’t taking a hit. It’s quite economical, and the results are so much better than using your hands.

4. Saves Time

When you hand wash your car, it can take several minutes to properly get the job done. A foam cannon speeds up the process and delivers awesome results.

Bending over and lugging heavy buckets around your vehicle is annoying as you use your sponge or mitt. If it’s hot and muggy outside, the task can become tiring.

A foam cannon has the speed and power to not waste precious time. In less than 30 seconds, you can tackle an entire panel of your vehicle.

5. Foam Acts Superior

Any seasoned auto detailer will tell you that the thick, rich lather that comes from a foam cannon or foam gun is hard to compete with when washing your car for the ultimate, professional results.

The foam creates a slick surface for easily washing all of the dirt and grime away. Just spray it off with water, and enjoy that beautiful, car wash shine.

There are excellent reasons to switch to a foam cannon for washing your car the right way. It’s modern, never disappoints, it’s hands-free and swirl-free. It’s time to retire the two-bucket method and fire up the cannon!