How to Upgrade Your Home Theater That’ll Impress All of Your Friends

The rising cost of seeing movies in theaters set in motion the trend of creating one’s own theater experience right at home. Technology allows us to create a similar-quality experience to what we would find in movie theaters in the comfort of our own homes. However, the makeshift sheet that is being used as a screen with the soundbar on a dresser might not be the theater experience you want to share with your friends. Whether you have a makeshift theater or you’ve got an older home theater system, you may be looking for ways to improve it. This article explores a few key considerations for friend-impressing upgrades!

TV vs Projector

If you want your home theater to look its best, it’s time for a visual upgrade. When it comes to using a TV for your home theater, it’s ideal to replace your older TV with one that has beautiful colors and is big enough to make you feel immersed in the film. If your television set is old, we recommend getting a new one. TVs are less bulky than they used to be and are chock full of features and connectivity options that will make your viewing options broad and easy to access. That’s why a lot of people are ditching their old, heavy TV sets and opting for something sleeker and more modern. Plus, the picture quality has drastically improved in recent years.

Projectors have come a long way in the last few years. It used to be really expensive to get a projector with more than 720p clarity. However, a 2.5K projector at 6-8 feet wide can be relatively affordable. Things to consider when purchasing a projector is to look at clarity, color, and how bright the system gets. There are companies that can look at your home and help you choose the right system for your space. That way, no matter how much light is coming through the windows or how far away your seating is, you can have the best theater experience. Working with a professional company like AVEX to assemble your home theater can be a helpful step to ensuring that your system is the best system for your space and needs. By using the equipment that best matches your space and needs, you can be sure that your friends are lined up for movie night.

What About the Sound?

If you’re still using the built-in speakers on your TV, it’s time to expand your audio horizons. A soundbar is a great way to get started and will provide a dramatic improvement in sound quality. If you want to go all out, consider investing in a full surround sound system. Not only will this make your movies sound better, but it will also improve the audio quality of your video games and music-listening experience. You’ll be able to hear all of the dialog and special effects, immersing yourself wholly in the experience. We can hear the awe in your friend’s voices already!

Details for the Win!

What would a leveled-up movie experience be without proper seating, snacks, and popcorn? Begin by choosing seating that is comfortable and will support you and your friends for long movie nights. If you’re going to be having friends over, make sure you have enough seating for everyone. You can even get creative and add some personal touches to your space to make it more inviting and fun. For example, you could add movie posters, a candy display, or skip the microwave popcorn and get a replica movie theater popcorn machine! If you have a large space you could even add a couple of “lobby” arcade games. You realize your friends may never leave, right?

If showing your friends a great time while you hang out and watch movies is your goal, then following these simple tips will ensure that you hit the target. By making a few key upgrades, you can take your home theater to the next level and enjoy many fun-filled movie nights with the people you care about most.