Top 9 Tips For A Perfect Wedding!

Pairs are made in heaven and weddings are done on earth.”

Congrats, you are engaged and going to tie a knot with the one whom you love. It sounds so exciting until you start planning for your big day- the wedding day.

It has often been seen that the bride and groom are overwhelmed with the preparations for the D big day. Where to organize the reception? Whom to invite and who will be the most important guest? What dress to wear while taking wedding vows? Which wedding photographer should I hire? And many other questions hit in mind.

Many would-be couples find it too hard to plan the perfect wedding. However, in reality, wedding planning is not scary, but it becomes enjoyable when you get the right information. Although, hiring a wedding planner is the easiest and best way to make everything perfect on the big day. But, if your budget is quite low, you can still make the planning process smooth. In this guide, we have brought nine incredible tips into the limelight that help you kick off the wedding preparations. Here we go!

  • Set Your Budget

The first and foremost thing to do is fix your budget because everything else will depend on it. Take pen and diary, note down how much bank balance you have? How much finance will your family contribute to your wedding? Then, finalize your budget by considering all these factors.

  • Make The Guest List

After setting the budget, crafting a guest list comes next in line. Sit with your would-be spouse and discuss the number of guests that should be invited. Keep the most important guests like family, friends and neighbours on the top of the priority list. It will help you choose the perfect wedding venue and other vendors like caterers, photographers, etc.

  • Search For Best Wedding Photographer

You probably know how important finding the best photographer is. After all, they will capture the most awaited moment of your life that you will cherish for many years to come. Apart from this, it is also important to book immediately upon finding wedding photographers in Bristol. The reason being that they have a lot of wedding assignments to cover, and their schedule is very tight.

  • Select The Venue

Selecting the wedding venue is of utmost importance. Some people dream of marrying far from their home in a breathtaking dream location, while others prefer to tie the knot at a nearby wedding hall. It entirely depends on you and your fiance’s preference as well as the wedding. However, it is important to note that destination weddings tend to be quite expensive compared to traditional weddings as you have to make arrangements for the guests to stay the night.

  • Make The Food Menu

Don’t take too much advice on breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. The more you ask individuals, the more you will get confused. Instead, it would be better to choose the cuisines you would like to eat at your wedding, after all, it’s your day.

  • Choose Your Attire Wisely

Buy your wedding dress after thorough research on the latest trends and designs. Choose the colours that suit you best and invest in quality accessories to enhance the appearance of your attire. Moreover, trying the outfits a few days before marriage is essential to fix any fitting-related issues.

  • Find & Book Makeup Artist

Please don’t take your makeup lightly; otherwise, you will regret it later. When searching for the best makeup artist, take a pre-bridal makeup trial before signing the contract so that everything will go perfect on the wedding day.

  • Pay Attention To The Birthday Cake

Cake cutting is very common during weddings. Don’t let it ruin your wedding. Hire someone or tell a responsible person to keep an eye on the set-up of the cake and avoid moving the cake after once it is arranged.

  • Involve Your Friends & Family

A wedding is not a piece of cake. Apart from the above factors, there are still many wedding arrangements that need to be paid attention to. Hence, it is vital to involve close friends and family when it comes to planning a wedding.

In Final Words-:

Hope you found this article helpful and consider the above tips to organize as well as enjoy your wedding. Rember, uncertainty can occur any time, so it’s important to have plan B for photography, makeup, catering, florist services, etc.