Top 5 Tips To Promote Your Android Games In 2021


The beginning of video game development and marketing was not so simple. It used to take endless time to complete creating a video game entirely, and marketing it was almost like climbing Mount Everest.

A few years back, the saga of Android game development and marketing was full of unforeseen challenges. Checking how your game is doing in the market was too complicated. In addition, finding what your users are demanding was also a critical task. But now, with the advent of digitalization, these tasks are more superficial than anything else.

If you are a new Android game developer looking for ways to promote your business in the potential market, this guide is tailor-made. So hold your breath and read till the end to enlighten yourself with immense insights.

What Are The Most Influential Ways To Market Your Game?

Android smartphones are just a cup of tea to everybody these days, so you can relate to how popular Android games are. Moreover, marketing tools and strategies have also been leveraged to a great extent over the last five years. Therefore, you can now solve any form of the highly daunting issue without much complexity.

But here is a bitter truth that nobody tells you, although this is one of the most crucial points you need to know. Promoting your Android Games flawlessly is easy only if you master the art of marketing tricks.

Now, this is something that you will not achieve overnight if you are just a beginner. This makes the expert advice necessary in order to get on the right track. So let us quickly move on to the best five tips and tricks to promote an Android mobile game in 2021.

1. Always Conduct An In-Depth Market Research

There is no better trick than in-depth market research. However, you need to start this phase prior to your game development. Firstly, determine which niche your game will revolve around, and then kick start your battle with exhaustive market research. is the perfect place where you can explore what your target audiences are looking for. This kind of research will make your approach more customized.

2. Examine The Activities Of Your Competitors

The use of app competitor analysis programs is widespread in recent times, but it is advisable to see this from a user’s standpoint. For this, you can run a full-scale analysis of your app stores.

Then jot down the essential points you can see in your rivals, such as their descriptions, screenshots, titles, video script, etc. Doing homework before making a decision is strongly recommended to get the taste of success.

3. Pitch Your Game Development Plan To The Leading Android Game Publishers

You may think that convincing a publisher to promote your Android game is simple as you know. But in reality, it is not that easy as that person may not be the right one for your niche. As publishers are related to your game’s earnings, take them seriously.

Social media nowadays play a crucial role in bringing you much closer to the leading publishers. So how can you increase the chances of persuading them? Show tour demo models, project works, or master plans to them and obtain feedback. But make sure that these are focused on marketing aspects.

4. Work On The App Search Optimization Of Your Mobile Game

If you do not focus properly on app search optimization (ASO), Android game marketing can be pretty tough. The best way here is to recognize the competitor’s viewpoints to start with your Android Game’s ASO.

Some of the core elements of the ASO strategy you need to work upon are app icons, localization, app reviews, keyword research. Only then can you make your game rank in the top 100 or top 50 search lists on the app stores.

5. Concentrate On App Promo Video

It is another extended version of the ASO elements. An engaging promo video script of 15-30 seconds will be the best point to begin. This area should be on your primary focus list as it brings the maximum conversions and traffic.

Here is a secret tip that many developers overlook: Inclusion of actual gameplay footage is encouraged to drive the faith of your audiences.

The Final Takeaway

Know that the promotional strategies of anything on this planet start much before its creation, and mobile games are also not an exception in this. But, with the increasing market fluctuations, you must examine the new ideas consistently if you do not want to lag behind your competitors.

Always do remember the thumb rule of promoting mobile games – “Be creative, be vibrant, and explore extensively.”

I hope you have found this article helpful and now can develop your own Android Game promotional plan. If you want to help your colleague looking for similar strategies, then share this post with them.

Furthermore, if you come across any other queries regarding the same, feel free to leave a comment, and we will look at it in detail.

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