Best Ways To Make Your Work Lunches More Interesting

Buying lunch every day is an expensive way to live your life, it is a complete waste of money when you have all the food you need in your home. The average person can spend anything from £1300 to over £2000 a year on buying lunches every day which could be going towards a holiday or something worth saving for. Although having a packed lunch may sound boring, it is better than spending a fiver each day on lunch and then also picking up some treats for the office such as your favourite biscuit selection.

Packed lunches are not the same as when we were kids, they have evolved into flavour-packed lunches that can be made in advance to last your week. Obviously, a ploughman’s sandwich is always desirable but in this article, we will go through some of the best ways to make your work lunches more interesting.

Preparation Is Key

If you are going to be serious about saving money and making your own lunches for work, then you will want to pick up some reusable jars or containers to prepare for the week. On a Sunday, batch cooks all of your pasta, grains and noodles so you can switch between them throughout the week. Also, stock up on fresh vegetables and herbs for a flavour-filled lunch. If you have pickled vegetables, this is another great way to add more flavour to your lunches.

Noodle dishes are such a great way to make lunches more exciting as they can be very resourceful by adding a few different vegetables with a quick soy sauce drizzle or a broth can make either ramen or stir fry. You could also make falafel and pita with a salad and dressing, making the average sandwich look boring. Add the dressing at lunchtime to prevent a soggy salad. If you have a busy Sunday with having to get the kids ready for school, then you can also simply make more of your dinner so you can take it to work.

Use Quality Ingredients For Your Sandwiches

The reason why you probably opt for a Pret lunch is due to their flavours and fillings, well why not pick up the ingredients and make it yourself? Chances are it will be much better than the shop-bought ones. If you are going to make a sandwich, do it properly by getting the best ingredients you can.

There are some great options for bread these days and even better choices for your fillings. If you are going to make a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich, make sure you get the best quality salmon you can afford and the bread you prefer such as a bagel or a sourdough loaf as this will be what sets you apart from the shops.

Make Your Soup In Bulk

With the summers we have had in the UK, this is something that can be done all year round. But this makes for a perfect lunch in the winter months to keep you all warm. Whether it’s a classic butternut squash or leek and potato soup or a unique flavour that you have found on your travels, a soup is a great way to be resourceful as this can last you most of the week for lunches which can also be frozen so you don’t get bored.

When it comes to serving, keep it exciting by packing some croutons, fresh herbs or nuts and seeds for toppers. In the winter months, it doesn’t have to stop at soups, why not slow cook a stew or curry to add an influx of flavour to your lunch.

Variation Is Essential

If you are going to keep this up and continue to save money, then it is essential to have a few variations to pick from throughout the week so you don’t get bored. Why not go to your local deli and pick up some delicious toppings or foods which you enjoy so that you are more motivated to make your lunch.

Discover The World Of Flavour By Looking Abroad

When you are stuck for inspiration, look across the pond to different countries and get inspiration from them such as a tofu dish, or a different pasta which you haven’t tried before. This will broaden your food knowledge which is always a good thing to have if you get bored of the same flavours.

If you find yourself broke by the middle of the month, then opting for your own packed lunch for work will help your money go further. They will also taste much better, they will be healthier and more exciting due to all the different preparations you can make.