Things that No One Tells You About Commuting On A Motorcycle

About Commuting On A Motorcycle

Once you start experiencing what a motorbike ride feels like, you will notice that day after day you will crave more of this experience. You might start with riding the motorcycle on weekends, then eventually the enthusiasm will rise so much that it will start invading your everyday commuting habits. You will start preferring traveling in the two-wheelers than your car or using public transport. And it won’t stop there. You will see yourself taking the longer routes around the city because Why en route for the shortest path when you move in a circle around the city and take twisty back roads to home. You will start thinking about traveling on your bike more and more. Most probably you will be surfing on the internet looking for articles, guides, techniques & gears for getting most of your riding tours. And there will be no turning back once you start tasting this. You will forget how your life was before this touch invaded it.

Like the rest of the addictions, this motorbiking taste will also go heavy on your pocket. And surprisingly sometimes it will cross the cost of owning a car. You will have to buy premium quality riding essentials, protectors, shields, and riding jackets. For distance commuting, you will also be required to invest in motorbike luggage. It might not appear huge but gradually your wardrobe trends would be replaced by riding suitable clothes. And you will be good with that.

After a course of time, you might crave a more sporty and powerful ride with exclusive features. Overall your happiness will increase. You will start enjoying everything. The thrill that motorbike commutes will bring into your life will drop into other areas of your life as well. It won’t be just your adrenaline, that will be a source of pleasure but the riding itself. Riding will bring you closer to nature more than ever. You will travel across by passing through the lap of nature. Bikes are machines that are full of adventure and joy. If you are a bike enthusiast or you’re here because you lately developed an interest in riding then you must check Sturgis-2021-a-comprehensive-guide.

Things nobody will Tell You About Commuting On the Motorbike

1)   Sticking out like some sore thumb

Motorbike Commuting isn’t the perfect time when you invest more of your energy into looking cool. Matching your jacket with the helmet and gloves and shoes. This might be a classy combination for riding on your two-wheelers but it will make you almost invisible for smartphone-addicted drivers. Primarily it’s the responsibility of every driver to look out on the road but it’s your duty to be as protective as you can. And one of the ways is wearing fluorescent color clothing that pops out on natural views. These clothes are more likely to catch attention even if somebody isn’t paying towards them.

2)   Dressing up like some spaceman

Roads are more like beetle fields for the riders. And without proper armor, it’s foolish to step in the beetle field. Safety gear is something that you should never compromise on. Whenever you are riding on your two-wheeler, suit yourself with the full-face helmet, an armored jacket & pants, gloves & boots. Putting on your ride attire and zipping it up while wearing safety gear will make you feel like you are traveling for some space mission. There is specialized bike riding attire available that are specially designed for making your riding experience the best. You can check them as well.

3)   Flip the Lid

Never compromise on your helmet. What’s inside your head is the most important treasure of yours, so it should be protected at every cost. Make sure you wear a premium quality full-coverage helmet that gives full-proof protection to the entire head. You can go for modular helmets; they are a pretty nice option as well. Most of them come with a quick-release on/off button that lets you remove it for your convenience.

4)   Make yourself a Middleweight Champ

It is mostly said by the expert riders that the best motorcycle for commuting is the one you already have. However, if you are fortunate enough to own more than one in your garage we would suggest you go for a contemporary riding machine that has a modern suspension system, tires & ABS brakes. Modern machines are way more responsive and effective than the machines that were once used.

5)   You have to be protective

Being a motorbike commuter, you might find transporting stuff and carrying things from home to work and work to home on two wheelers more difficult than carrying them on the bike. Such as your laptop, lunchbox, spare shoes, etc. They don’t come with the luxury of space. So you must have to secure hardass bike luggage with your motorcycle. Attaching protective bike luggage with your motorbike allows you to carry stuff and even leave it on your ride when you have to go indoors without worrying that your belongings are there unattended on your two-wheelers. There are a lot of types of bike luggage such as racks, and bags. Make sure you choose one that suits your needs perfectly.

6)   The shape must be on top

Staying physically fit is essential for enjoying every thrill and adventure in life. No matter what it is. Bike riding might require sitting straight and attentive for longer hours. And handling a bike is also not easy as it seems. And here we won’t be just focusing on your shape but your bike’s health as well. You Must make sure how reliable and safe your bike’s condition is before you trust it for hitting on the road. Keep your tire pressure on top, check-in at least once per week, keep a check on your ride’s oil levels. Maintain your horns, headlight, brake system. Check their work. Get your bike inspected by a professional once in six months it adds up to the durability of your ride.

7) Play Offensive

Riding offensively does not necessarily mean that you have to be aggressive. You don’t have to load up the ears of people surrounding you with the sound of horns. You must control your hot temperedness, emotions, and impatience. You must wait for the traffic to get in order. Lookout at the road and stay attentive. Be careful while changing the lane.