The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Wedding Sparklers for Your Big Day

Wedding Sparklers

When people are planning for a matrimonial ceremony, they tend to think about choosing the venue, the cuisine, the theme colors, the seating, and the decorations. Even though there are many ways of decorating a venue for a wedding, one of the best ways to take the décor to the next level is by using sparklers. These are hand-held sparklers that burn slowly while producing bright-colored flames and sparks. These are special, of high-quality, and long-lasting. In addition, they are smokeless, which means you can take clearer pictures of the guests and the bride and groom. Furthermore, they can be used inside or outside the venue, or at the reception.

How can sparklers be used in the celebration?

These wedding day sparklers can be incorporated throughout the marriage ceremony. For instance, they can be used when the bride and groom are exiting the venue. The guests can get into two lines and create a pathway arch for the couple to pass through. Moreover, sparklers can be incorporated throughout the reception, such as during the bride and groom’s first dance or toasts. They can be used as centerpieces, to decorate the cake, or to announce the couple as they enter the reception hall. There are so many opportunities to incorporate sparklers into your wedding.

How long do the special sparklers last?

The burn time depends on the length and the quality of the sparklers. The sparklers can burn from one minute to over three minutes depending on the type you choose. It is important to know the burn time so that you can choose the best option for your marriage ceremony. There are many different varieties that the sparklers come in. The size differentiates how long the sparkler is going to last once it is lit.

Premium 10-inch

The premium 10-inch sparklers last for around 1 minute. In addition, they have a steel wire core for ash-less and smokeless use. They are great to use during the couple’s first dance, during toasts, or when the cake is being cut. These are the classic sparklers that are typically seen at these events. They are great, have a good glow, and kids enjoy getting to hold them.


Every 14-inch sparkler burns for only 90 seconds. This is enough to savor the special effects without extending the ceremony. Sometimes you should have sparklers that aren’t lit for too long. Sparklers are great as backgrounds for photographs and can elevate the wedding scene. But once that’s over it’s time to put them out to continue with the ceremony.


These are more economical, and they produce bright gold light. In addition, each 20-inch sparkler burns for around 2 minutes. This enables the couple to exit slowly. These types of sparklers pack a big punch. They are long, which allows them to burn longer. This is great for the end of the ceremony, so the couple can enjoy watching the sparklers as they head out. Plus, the guests can enjoy the glow of the sparklers for a little while longer.


These allow the couple to walk very slowly under the arch of fireworks for their exit because they can last for 3 or more minutes. This means they give people enough time to take photos of the couple or take group pictures. These sparklers can give a dramatic look towards the end of the night. This is a fantastic opportunity for not only photos but to enjoy the exciting atmosphere. Everyone can enjoy the happy couple walking down after the ceremony, taking in the love that surrounds them.

What sizes are best for a marriage ceremony?

It’s best to understand the size of your wedding to get the most out of your sparklers. If you have less than 50 guests, you can use 10-inch sparklers. This is simply because you don’t want all of your guests waiting around for the sparklers to go out and they can enjoy your company. If you have 50-120 guests, you should use 20-inch sparklers. With a large group of people, it gives a nice, dramatic look. Furthermore, if you have more than 120 guests, you should use 36-inch sparklers. The more the merrier when it comes to wedding sparklers.


If you are about to get married, you should consider using special sparklers made specifically for marriage ceremonies. When the sparklers are used, they create a very magical background for taking pictures of the bride and groom, as well as group photos of the guests. They’re a great alternative to throwing rice at the bride and groom, with less of a mess afterward. It gives a great vibe and it’s the perfect send-off for the bride and groom. Wedding sparklers are a great investment for a more modern wedding.