Self-care is the best care

Eye Care

As long as there are systems, there are problems. The human body is also a system that is made of too many things. These parts of the human body are also subjected to decay and diseases, which happen for many reasons. While some of these occur due to age, some happen due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. There are many other reasons for different diseases. It is undeniable that our body is subjected to occasional problems and some of these problems have effective remedies. One thing that can help us strengthen our body and help keep it fit is to take care of it. Sometimes diseases happen due to age, and some remedies can lessen the effects of some of these diseases. Using some tools along with medicine can help to live a better life. Two of such things are the spirometer and Kansa wand. While breathing, the exerciser should be used only with the advice of a medical practitioner; one can use the metal wand without any prescription.

Strengthen your lungs

Our lungs are one of those parts of the body that helps to purify them. Lungs help in getting rid of the CO2 through exhalation. But lungs get affected due to chronic colds, infections, smoking, and pollution in many cases. Even age affects the capability of the lungs. As a result, patients feel problems in breathing. A breathing exercise is a tool that is used for strengthening the lungs. It is prescribed by a medical practitioner depending on the condition and necessity of the patient. No one should try to use it by themselves without the advice of a doctor.

This handheld device is designed to help the lungs recover from illness and surgeries. A spirometer helps to keep the lungs free of fluid. An incentive spirometer indicated the volume of the patient’s breath by a piston. It rises as the person breathes from it. The patients must try to achieve the targeted volume set by the healthcare provider. While it is usually given in hospitals, your doctor might ask you to use one at home as well.

Take care of your skin

The skin is the first line of defense, and the face of our skin also contributes to our looks. Healthy skin boosts self-confidence as well. The metal wand made of Kansa is something that helps to take care of skin at home. Kansa is a metal that is created by combining aluminum and copper. The metal can balance pH for which people used to eat and drink from Kansa plates and glasses. This pH balancing quality works well on our skin. Skin having high acid content or pH imbalance can suffer from premature aging, sensitivity, wrinkles, acne, and even inflammation. Massaging the skin with a Kansa wand helps balance pH and clear the lymph nodes of build-up toxins. Massage with the wand brings out the glow reducing puffiness. It is necessary to use a serum or oil for the massage. Choose one that suits your skin the best and reap the benefits of Kansa.