10 places to visit in Udaipur at night – 2022


Have you ever been to Udaipur at night? Udaipur is truly a magical city. It becomes alive in the evening when the lights from the bazaars begin to brighten and the shops open. Its time to enjoy a stroll around the lanes and gawk at some of the interesting sights around the city. Udaipur is a place to be visited by the whole family. The city is known for its architecture, amazing lakes and numerous places to explore in the night. The best part about Udaipur is that there are various spots for tourists to visit at night. It is hard to go anywhere else as Udaipur has so much to offer on every front!

In Udaipur, there are numerous places to visit in the evening and at night. Every year, residents enjoy the beauty of the city by enjoying the starlit nights while they take a stroll through the open spaces, parks and gardens in addition to enjoying delicious food and drinks. With these beautiful attractions and more planned for 2022 as well, I’m sure you will be excited when you see them. Udaipur is a beautiful city, always at its best when the sun is shining brightly and the nights are cool. But what if the only way to experience Udaipur at night was by travelling after dark? We’d like to show you some places where it’s possible while staying in Udaipur and not just during your last few nights before flying home again.

This small city with a rich history and heritage is a must-visit for every tourist in India. With hundreds of monuments, temples and forts coming up with time and numerous other places to visit at night, it’s a perfect place to spend an evening on your trip to Rajasthan.

Udaipur is the ideal place to visit when you are looking at spending some time away from your home town. It is an offbeat place that offers you a chance to have fun and experience things that no other city in the country can offer. It has a lot of restaurants, hotels and bars that will definitely make your trip memorable. We have tried to compile a list of best places to visit in udaipur at night, where you can spend some quality time with friends and family.

Udaipur has a host of places to visit during the night time. Whether you’re here for a holiday or just visiting, it’s always nice to get to know the city’s historical and cultural importance beyond its well-known day-time attractions. Here’s our list of 10 must visit locations around Udaipur at night!

1. Fateh Sagar Lake

This place can be visited during sunset because it is also an open air museum, which houses over 3,000 statues and sculptures. The lake and palace are best viewd during sunset when the lights come on. Fateh Sagar Lake is one of the most beautiful and admired lakes in Indian city. It’s surrounded by tall and colorful trees. The city has a great importance and people here love to come to udaipur at night. You can visit this place with Udaipur Tour Packages.

2. Doodh Talai Musical Garden

Even the stars in a clear sky are visible at Doodh Talai Musical Garden. The colourful lights glow all year round, creating an enchanting atmosphere for rehearsals, performances and parties.

3. City Palace

City Palace, Udaipur is a historical landmark that offers a glimpse of Rajput architecture and culture. The palace has been the venue of many royal ceremonies and functions in the past centuries, including being the center of Jagdeep Singh’s tryst with destiny. It gets ready for night by lighting up various parts of it. Tourists can enjoy the night views at its balcony and courtyard as well as other vantage points around it.

4. Ambrai Ghat

Ambrai Ghat, or the Amba Ghat Lights are a sight to see, that is if you are in Udaipur in the late hours of night. The lights form a mesmerizing pattern as it reflects on the water surface as you drive by. The sky looks darker at night and there’s a million stars over your head. It’s such a spiritual place that you’ll be amazed by the theme.

Here you can see many lights burning to welcome a good night. For successful view, you need to come early as Ambrai ghat is full of crowd by 10 pm goers. Ambrai ghat is situated near lake front.

5. Pichola Lake

Pichola Lake is tourist’s favorite place to visit in Udaipur. It’s one of the most beautiful lakes in north India, and has some of the best boat rides in Northern India. The Boat Ride is much longer than the one at Fateh Sagar Lake, and will take you through a large network of canals around Pichola Lake Port City to some amazing views across the city and its surroundings. Plus, you get to enjoy sunset while watching the twinkling lights from your boat!

6. Sahelion Ki Bari

This is an ideal place for those who want to explore the city of udaipur and enjoy India’s glittering culture. The stories about Sahelion Ki Bari are as fascinating as its name itself, which means ‘golden palace’. This charming place can be explored by both the tourists and locals, but it is well known for its night view offering mesmerizing views of udaipur city during nights.

7. Bagore Ki Haveli

One of the best attractions here is Bagore Ki Haveli, which is a palace and a museum of some of the most prized possessions of Maharana Hamir Singh Ji. With its ornate architecture, Bagore Ki Haveli attracts many people all the year round for its unique beauty.

8. Hathi Pol Bazaar

One of the most popular places to visit in udaipur at night is Hathi Pol Bazaar. This beautiful and charming place offers a feast for all eyes, especially with its wonderful lights and shopping sites. It is located in the heart of Udaipur where you can have fun by shopping from these colourful stalls that sell everything from textiles to toys – displaying their wares against beautiful scenes of lakes and temples.

9. Moti Magri

Udaipur is great, but if you look a little closer you will appreciate the beauty that goes into making it so. It’s one of those places where the night life continues to live up to its name thanks to some very unique attractions. While some of the things here are small and intimate, others are large and spectacular. One such attraction you will find in Udaipur is Moti Magri.

10. Badi Lake

If you’re traveling to Udaipur and looking for things to do on a weekend night, Badi Lake is a great place to go. The lake isn’t enormous, but it’s full of activity with boats that cruise around the lake, musicians performing their art on the water, and locals playing in the sand. If you get tired of sitting on the shore, there are two small snack shacks along the lakeside.

Badi lake is one of the most beautiful lake in India, which is on top of the Vindhyachal hill. A lot of tourists visit this place at night time and picnic here. The lake has clean water, surrounded by trees and also it is full of carpets and other fishes. It gives you a very peaceful feeling to sit under the moonlight here.


In this post, we discussed ten places to visit in Udaipur at night. While the daytime sightseeing can be a little too crowded and hectic for some, if you’re one who prefers to ‘escape’ the city on a night time drive then you’ll surely fall in love with Udaipur. Udaipur is a city that allows its visitors to experience the best of Rajasthan. You can also visit nearby places with Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh Taxi Service.

This is a city that is full of history and heritage, yet also an active and vibrant city that has retained much of its old world charm. Many travelers come to Udaipur to write their names in the books of history with temples and gardens that inspire imagination.