Economic downturn reduces recruitment activity in the world

The economic downturn that has been happening in the last few years has reduced recruitment activity significantly. With this recession, it is more of a hassle to get a job in the UAE. Even Dubai, the region with the biggest number of vacancies advertised, is reducing its job openings.

Talent recruiters are now facing challenges for the second year in a row. The labor market is now characterized by the highest turnover the world has ever seen. This is due to changes in the expectations of candidates and increased stress overall. Things have been shifting so much that recruiting agencies are adapting to fill jobs in the UAE.

However, with this challenge, there are also new opportunities. Recruitment agencies are now recurring to international workers. These workers can provide many services to different companies at a lower cost. External workers are helping companies fill the best jobs in the UAE in a short time.

Online recruitment firms are also looking for new sourcing channels and reorganizing requirements for many roles. Companies have a great opportunity if they invest in recruitment agencies in the UAE. While also rethinking their employees’ value. It is necessary to see this as a fresh start and try to adapt to this new corporate market.

Here are some important findings as recruitment companies look ahead to what are their options to find the perfect candidates for jobs in the UAE in 2022.

Changing Priorities

Providing a better quality of hire is the main priority for online recruitment websites in the next year. Sufficing the UAE job vacancy is necessary. Companies are desperate to fill roles, thus, they are recurring to crisis-hiring. Hiring agencies are doing their best to meet the expectations, but employers are aware that they will need to evaluate recent hires when the labor market settles down.

Recruitment portals are investing in automation. This will allow them to improve efficiency when looking for candidates for a new job. For example, they will have more time to build relationships with candidates, choosing the best ones for any Gulf job vacancy. In the future, agents will not be flooded with roles to fill as technology will streamline this process.

Every company is thinking about how to retain their best talent while finding new ones. Recruiters are now encouraging external workers to apply for jobs in the UAE. The need for talented employees is now higher than ever. Subsequently, searching for individuals to fill job vacancies in the UAE is significant for recruiters.

Candidates Needs

Candidates now expect more from corporations. Researches show that more than 70% of employees are demanding higher salaries. Employers have to pay way more for the same job positions. And candidates have great knowledge about their market value for UAE job vacancies in 2022.

On the other hand, recruiters need to be wiser about negotiating earlier in the job searching process and pre-selecting candidates. It is very important to lock them down on their salary expectations. In these recent times, flexibility and child care support are amongst the benefits that candidates expect from companies when searching for a job.

Modern-day Challenges

Workers expect that companies address health and safety concerns in 2022. They want to find jobs that have COVID-19 vaccination mandates and a hybrid work model. Gone are the days when an employee was expected to work onsite five consecutive days. They are searching for jobs that allow them to work remotely for at least two days of the working week.

Corporations will lose talented individuals if they decide to not adapt to expectations around these challenges. The best jobs in 2022 offer flexible options for their workers. Recruiters often see how candidates turn down offers because companies refuse to allow more benefits for them. Change is not an option anymore. It is a necessity.

For every successfully filled job position, ten openings coming your way. With the help of an expert recruiter, you, as an independent worker, can find your new job. The best recruitment agencies are always updating their tools and technology to fill more positions each day.

So, even with an economic recession, there is a silver lining. With patience and knowledge finding a job in the Gulf is not much of a problem.