A Handy Guide to Purchasing Good Quality Chaise Lounge Covers for your home


The chaise lounge covers are good at protecting your chaise lounges from the outdoor elements while being stylish. Covers for chaise lounges have come a long way from the basic ones that were on offer.

What you should always look out for is how well-made a chaise lounge cover is and the time of year it will be used.

  • In general, chaise lounge covers are usually made from some kind of fabric material that is waterproofed to protect your chaise lounges from moisture. They can also be made from heat-resistant materials as well as vinyl, so if they are left in the sun over summer they won’t become brittle and crack. For winter protection, you would want chaise lounge covers that are lined with a thicker material to keep any snow or ice off them.
  • The best type of chaise lounge covers will normally have some kind of lining to them. This will stop the chaise lounges from shifting inside the covers and also help to protect them from moisture. They often have a strap or drawstring which you can use to tighten over your chaise lounges, making sure they fit snugly around them. There may even be additional features such as vents for airflow to reduce condensation build-up on the chaise lounges if they are left in a space with less ventilation.
  • The chaise lounge covers should fit your chaise lounges without too much trouble, but some sets come with covers that are adjustable for different sizes which are ideal if you have more than one set of chaise lounge covers. This way you can leave some sets uncovered if you don’t need them to be covered.
  • It’s often a good idea to look for chaise lounge covers that also have storage bags so they can easily be stored away when not in use or if you are moving home. The chaise lounges should fit snugly inside the storage bag so there is no risk of them getting scratched while they’re being transported. Some chaise lounge covers come with wheels on the base which will make transporting them even easier than removing them from their storage bag and just carrying them by hand instead.
  • There are different types of chaise lounge covers available, depending on where you want to use them and the views you want to keep covered up. Outside chaise lounges normally benefit from having waterproof chaise lounge covers because they will be exposed to the elements. On the other hand, chaise lounges that are placed indoors or under a porch area can usually get away with having chaise lounge covers that aren’t waterproofed.
  • You should also think about how heavy your chaise lounge is before buying chaise lounge covers too because you don’t want them to become damaged if they’re weighing down on the fabric chaise lounge cover material too much. They should fit onto chaise lounges without any trouble and once your chaises are covered up, it shouldn’t even be noticeable that there’s anything covering them at all.
  • If you have wooden chaise lounges, some types of chaise lounge covers come with pockets on the corners where you can put wood preserver so they don’t get damaged by rain which is especially useful if chaise lounge covers are only used in the summer months.
  • The chaise lounges with chaise lounge covers will require cleaning from time to time, but the chaise lounge cover materials are generally quite easy to wipe down when needed. If there are stains on them, it’s best to treat them as soon as possible before they start to set in or become part of the chaise lounge cover material altogether.
  • All types of chaise lounge covers need regular care and attention in order for them to last a long time. This means making sure that any stitching around the edges is kept in good shape by removing any frayed threads and also making sure that chaise lounge covers with pockets to hold wood preserver are treated with the wood protector according to the instructions.
  • After chaise lounge covers have been used for a while, they will probably show signs of wear and tear. If this is a concern for you or if you want chaise lounges covers that last longer, there are some chaise lounge covers available which have a warranty attached to them so any wear and tear can be easily replaced at no extra cost. In general though, chaise lounges will need replacing before chaise lounge covers do because they often get more use than chaise lounge covers get subjected too.


In conclusion, chaise lounges will eventually require some kind of protection, whether it is chaise lounge covers or chaise lounges that are part of a chaise lounge cover set.