LOVE-STRUCK! 7 Obvious Signs You’re In Love With A K-Pop Group

Countless people are part of different fandoms in the industry of K-pop. More and more are getting drawn to it for various reasons, which are mostly personal. Some are fans because of the musicality and choreographies, while some are because of the relationship and bond of the artists among many others. Indeed, every fan has a unique reason and experience as to how and why he or she got into K-pop and into a certain artist’s fandom. Each story is interesting.

Every newbie K-pop fan or at least every fan that’s new to a certain artist’s fanclub has a special history of how they started. Now, I assume you’re reading this because you’re one of these two kinds of people. You’re either an infant in the entire K-pop thing or a baby in a certain fandom, meaning a new fan of a certain artist. Regardless of where you belong, you go through a phase of being deeply in love with a K-pop idol. This stage is very much different from other eras you can experience because this is the birth of a new fan. It is also the most memorable and, anyone can say, life-changing part.

Sometimes though, you are not aware that you’re already a fan. Even when it’s apparent, some people can be in denial for some reason. If you want to know yourself more as you seemingly find interest in an artist, check out this list below. 

Here are 7 obvious signs you’re in love with a K-pop group.  

1 – You have their songs on repeat.

This is one of the ways you start discovering K-pop artists, and this is also one of the signs that you are sooo into them. You have their songs on repeat, like they are the only songs you know. It’s like you don’t even try to look for any other set of songs from other artists. You play the same playlist when you have your earphones on. There’s no way you get tired of them, their voices, their music. You get filled with all the good vibes when their music starts playing. Even when you hear their music as a background in some shows or when you hear their songs being played in a public place, your heart is happy. You are their fan now. 

2 – Your YouTube search is filled with that group’s name.

Did you laugh? You did because it’s true. The people around you might not know, but you do. Your YouTube search is filled with that group’s name. *stiffles laugh*

There’s no reason to be embarrassed because it’s relatable. All real K-pop fans start there. It’s natural. When someone catches your attention, you make an effort to know him/her more. It’s the same in K-pop fangirling/fanboying. When you get hit with the love shot as you see or hear an artist, the automatic response to look them up. That’s where you get to discover more about them. That’s how you start watching them from their pre-debut life to their present career.

It’s a magical experience to feel like you have been there from day 1 after watching them a lot from YouTube! Right? Right! 

3 – You follow them on all their social media accounts.

Although this is not always an indication, following all the members of a K-pop group on all their social media accounts could be a powerful sign that you’re in love with that group! I mean, why else would you want to get updated about their activities and their life? Sometimes, you even open social media accounts you don’t have or didn’t even consider having before; you do it for them, to support them. For example, many don’t have a TikTok account, but because their favorite artists are so active on TikTok, they suddenly install the app and register. Furthermore, many K-pop fans also follow their favorite artists’ celebrity management company on their official social media accounts.

4 – You have their photo as your gadget’s wallpaper.

Pretty sure, you are aware that couples have their couple photos as their cell phones’ wallpapers. If not, the photo of their significant other. That’s probably one way to show love. If you have a photo of a K-pop group as your gadget’s wallpaper, that’s also one way to express love to them. Anyone who looks at your phone and sees your wallpaper will agree. 

5 – You memorize their songs by heart.

Since their songs are on repeat, most likely, you memorize their songs by heart. Even if you cannot pronounce the words clearly, since they’re Korean and you’re not, you know every beat, every line, every lyric by heart. At most, you make an effort to learn the lyrics, and you end up being able to actually sing the songs.

6 – You are emotionally attached to them.

Last but the most obvious sign that you’re love-struck by a K-pop group is that you are emotionally attached to them. You feel like they’re your close friends and family – them and your fellow fans. It makes you very happy to see them happy. Unwarranted hatred towards them hurts and angers you. Their success as artists is your success as well as their fans. You do what you can to support them because you love them! 



Are the signs evident in yourself? Yes? Confirmed, you’re in love with a K-pop group! Expect yourself to be growing and learning more about that artist and the K-pop industry in general. That is unless you’re just infatuated and not pursuing to satisfy that love. 

Anyway, being in love can bring you to places you have never gone to before – literally and figuratively. In life and in fangirling/fanboying, it applies! Always keep in mind to be mindful and responsible, so you won’t get hurt! Hah. I mean, so your wallet won’t get hurt. Why say that? Because one of the signs, which is not included up there because it could mostly be for avid K-pop fans, is spending money for them. 

Nonetheless, congratulations for finding your true love in K-pop. Whatever your love language is, enjoy and spread love. 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for The Fordham Company, one of Australia’s leading celebrity talent management agencies located in Sydney. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.