Mini Garden Ideas for Your Kitchen interior to be fresher  

Your Kitchen interior

A kitchen is an essential place in the interior of your home. By having a kitchen, you can get a place to cook and prepare your meals for the day. For that, creating a comfortable kitchen is an important thing for you to do. You can do a variety of ways to create a comfortable kitchen.You can start by choosing the interior design of your kitchen, choose the furniture you are using, adjust the furniture with the size of your kitchen, and use the decoration that makes you feel more comfortable. One of the decorations in the kitchen that you can use is ornamental plants. Using ornamental plants in the kitchen gives you many advantages. In addition, you can also make mini parks with various plants in your kitchen, from ornamental plants to plants that you can use to cook.

The growing kitchen park is something that can be proud of. The place to grow yours – whether you are gardening vegetables on the bed lifted, pots, from seeds, or not, nothing is better than using fresh ingredients for the kitchen table, directly from your own backyard.

Sunlight value

The most important ingredient for planting plants that can be eaten is sunlight. Each factory is a mini factory that converts solar energy into nutrition for us through leaves and fruits. Learn sunlight in your home. Observe the space or wall which is maximized and how to move from morning to sunset. Your kitchen park doesn’t need to be in the kitchen. It can come out on a small balcony or on a window grill or even in the living room. Sometimes it is a wall that keeps sunbathing for a long time. In such cases, consider vertical herb gardens. You can use your Metal Garages and outdoor space to grow your small garden.

Choose your pot

The great thing about growing vegetables is that it’s not just about plants, it’s also about instant accents that can be informed to the place you choose. They can be the center of attention and trigger many conversations. You can grow plants that can be eaten in almost all containers. You can use an old bottle and tetra package or you can buy metallic, ceramic, or wooden pots that look beautiful. Choose according to your interests and most importantly according to the space you choose to start your kitchen garden. You can get a pot to install the wall or hang it as a window box.

If you have a terrace or balcony, you can try square foot gardening in a square wooden box. Your imagination will run far in making your garden interesting.

Choose carefully what will grow

The sun must be your guide when it comes to choosing what you planted. Herbs only need 2 to 4 hours of sunlight and vegetables directly need to be at least 4 to 6 hours from good items. Remember it’s coupled with your personal preferences.

Maybe you want fresh mint to make your Mojitos, or the Italian Basil for your monthly fresh pesto supply? Or maybe beans, ladyfinger, brinjal and tomatoes for sambar and occasionally soup? Methi, Karela (Bitter Pumpkin), Curry Patta (Murraya Koenigii) and chili are all very easy to grow. Lettuce and spinach can provide a stable flow of green salads. For the purpose of skin care and treatment, Aloe Vera, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Panfuti (Bryophyllum) is very good for the kitchen park and every home must have this plant. Lemongrass and Shankhpushpi (Morning Glory) will be good for your refreshing tea cup.

Get the right land

After you find your bright spots and break your pot and plants, then go find the right land. At present, many nurseries sell mixed pots ready to use which is a mixture of soil, compost (organic fertilizer) and cocopeat (coconut husk). You can buy a ready-made bag

However, the best way to find good land is to ask for gardening fans that you know in your neighborhood. They almost always have backup land. Make sure the soil allows water to infuse and not hold it, because too much water can rot root. Save a practical organic fertilizer package – which you can sprinkle in pots to ‘recharge’ soil every month or more.

Get seeds and saplings

You have chosen your place, prepare your container with a mixture of pots and now you are ready to start growing. The best source of seeds and young trees is a fan of your environmentally friendly gardening. It’s not difficult to find it in your building or your path. Better yet, join the gardening group on Facebook. They like to exchange seeds and you can be sure of quality too. These groups will be your support system for all related gardening.

You can also order seed packages and puppies from online gardening websites. Most of the city nurseries do not sell seeds but check with your environment supplier and you will be able to find the right shops closest to you.

Vertical Mini Garden

Use the walls of the interior of your kitchen to a beautiful and fresh vertical mini park. You can make as many containers as possible for the plants you want. You can grow ornamental plants to make a beautiful kitchen. Also, you can make a functional and profitable kitchen interior for you by planting various vegetables in your vertical mini park. With a mini garden design like this, you can make a vertical garden in a beautiful and fresh room in a limited room in your kitchen.

Hanging mini garden.

By using various pots arranged neatly and the vertical mini park will save space in your kitchen. However, you can also use other ways to make mini parks that are effective and efficient for you to use in your kitchen. You can use a mini park that hangs with various plants in vegetables and other plants. By hanging several special pots in the inside of your kitchen, you can make a mini park that saves space. Mini garden hanging like this is suitable for those of you who have a minimalist and simple interior design in your kitchen.

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