Men’s Head Shavers: A complete overview

Men’s Head Shavers

If you have taken the plunge and embraced baldness, there’s a lot in-store. Bald is the new trend and people are sporting it in unique stylish ways. Having a shaved head comes with a lot of advantages; however, it requires basic care and grooming. Since your scalp is no longer covered with hairs, it is more exposed to direct sunlight and dust. The scalp surface reacts differently to different weather conditions and can make your head look dry and rugged. Moreover, along with taking appropriate care of your scalp and head surface, it is essential to use a good-quality head shaver to flex a classic bald look.

Men’s head shavers have been a pertinent shaving tool over the past years. Well, of course! You can’t begin to head shave without a proper head shaver. In the past years, men used razor blades and manual razors to shave their heads. However, it did not guarantee a smooth and cut-free shave. To resolve this, various grooming brands have now come up with modern electric head shavers that are ergonomically designed and ideal for self-use. Head shaving is entirely different from other body shaving types. Hence, one must be extra cautious while shaving their heads on their own.

Electric head shavers – Introduction

Demand for the best head shaver in the market has always been on a rise. It is observed that men have taken a major interest in grooming in recent times. They are interested in trying out new hairstyles and beards to look good and be their best self. The availability of modern grooming products in the market has further added to their inclination towards hair and beard grooming. Now with high-tech grooming devices, they are inspired to try new looks without fearing severe cuts and bruises.

Before these electric head shavers came along, people were quite hesitant to head shave on their own owing to the high risks involved. The manual razor blades are unevenly sharp that can go deep into the skin if not handled properly. On the other hand, modern electric head shavers are developed with high-tech cutting mechanisms and are motor-powered to ensure a seamless head shaving experience. Whether you are a newbie or have been shaving your head for a long time, an electric head shaver is sure to make things easier for you! The primary purpose of these advanced men’s head shavers is to ease the head-shaving process with minimum efforts involved.

Electric head shavers: Types

The growing popularity of head shavers has prompted brands to continuously evolve and come up with advanced technology-driven products. When you begin to shop for head shavers, there are mainly two types of electric head shavers that you’ll come across. Both are developed to cater to various shaving needs and preferences. You can choose the one that best suits your requirements after assessing its varied features and functionality.

  • Foil Shavers

The electric foil shavers usually come in three or four-blade options that operate in a linear motion to give a normal head shave. The oscillating blades of this shaver are covered by a foil to ensure minimum contact between the shaver blades and the skin. Hence, the chances of skin irritation and bruises are minimized significantly. You can enjoy a smooth, quick, and close shave effortlessly.

  • Rotary Shavers

As the name suggests, these shavers have a rotary head which is easily identifiable owing to its unique blade design. These razors generally have three or four rotating blade heads which are ideal for those who prefer to shave their heads on a regular basis. These shavers are ergonomically designed and facilitate a mess-free head shave. You can have both wet and dry shaves using the rotary head shavers.

Benefits of Electric Head Shavers

Using the best head shaver can fetch multiple benefits. Right from cut-free to a quick head shave, a good-quality head shaver fulfills it all. These are specially designed for self-use and require minimal effort to operate properly. While the benefits of electric head shavers are in abundance, below discussed are some of them.

  • Quick & Close Shave: The sole purpose of these modern electric head shavers is to ease the head-shaving process. These head shavers ensure a quick and close shave with no preparations required. You can simply grab an electric head razor shaver and begin to shave.
  • Easy to clean: These modern head shavers are mostly waterproof and have a detailed disassembling manual attached to them. All you need to do is follow the instructions and clean the shaver blades thoroughly. You no longer have to struggle with slow-functioning razors due to hair buildup in the razor.
  • Soft on skin: The razor blades of these modern shavers are evenly sharp with a protective layer that minimizes the direct contact between the blades and the skin. Men can enjoy a smooth and irritation-free shave, even those with sensitive skin.

Final Note

The efficiency and advantages of head shavers are numerous. Available in a wide range of options, you can enjoy a mess-free effortless head shave all by yourself. Wait no longer for your barber or hairstylist’s next appointment, shave your head using an electric head shaver, and get done in minutes!