Email Automation 2022: Top 6 Tips for eCommerce Success


The E-commerce business is one tricky area that many companies have tried to solve but little did manage to succeed. The world’s most valuable company is also an eCommerce company, i.e. Amazon. But despite its success, little did people know that for an e-commerce company to become successful, many factors need to work in tandem.

This is because an e-commerce business is an ever-changing business where situations evolve rapidly. So if you make any mistake in identifying any trend, then this mistake could cost you heavily. But apart from this, another problem or boon, whatever you might think, exists in the e-commerce space. 

This is that it is a digital-first world, so as the web becomes more saturated with other websites, it’s straightforward to get lost in this wave. So e-commerce companies need to create their own identity and establish their brand and provide a unique value to their customers; otherwise, the competition is very fierce, and they will dominate over you.

Here Are Some Tips You Can Follow:

1. First Impression Is The Last Impression: 

When a customer visits your website, the first thing they notice is your user interface. The second thing that they notice is how good your flow is. So the first impression is significant. Next, you have to talk with your design and UX team and tell them to be as creative as possible. If you think your website needs a refresh in UX, then consult with an outside design studio and digital marketing team if necessary but do not go cheap on this. 

The very idea of your e-commerce store depends upon this element; hence it is that much important. You can try automating certain standard business processes in order to free up valuable time and resources. Click here to read more about the advantages of automation. Also, if you need more professional help in setting up your store, then build it using BigCommerce or Shopify or WooCommerce or any other platform.

2. Email ID: This goes without saying but if you need to establish your brand in the world of e-commerce, having a professional email goes a long way. If your email server is the free one provided by AOL, Google, or the customer thinks of you as an untrustworthy and unreliable website. So you must buy an email domain space and reserve it permanently. 

3. Website Security: Digital-first businesses like e-commerce stores need to have certain data security measures. This is important because consumers trust you and your website to handle their financial data very securely. One hack or data breach incident could potentially result in the loss of an entire lifetime of opportunity for you. 

So deploy SSL certification based HTTPS URL technology, use a hardware security module, always have an offsite server backup data of your website, use only a private relay to transmit information and use other necessary security measures. If possible, hire a data security auditor and display the certificate too on the website.

  1. Be In Customer’s Shoes: You must hire a team of product managers capable of thinking outside the box and inside your customer’s shoes. Firstly, it’s important to define your market through market segmentation, and then use the data to thoroughly understand their needs. Meaning that we should always think from the customer perspective. For example- suppose the customer is looking at iPhones, so you should recommend them other related products like the Apple 12w or 18w charger, lightning to USB cable, AirPods or lightning to 3.5mm connector, etc. Things like these will actually help make the customer’s life easier since they would now be able to buy the complete product.
  2. Mobile APP: If you are an e-commerce website owner in 2022, then you must have had a mobile app. This is a must-have feature in 2022 since the entire world has now moved towards tablets and mobiles. So you should hire a good team of mobile developers and work your way around mobile optimisations. You can even go a step further and incorporate artificial intelligence-powered features like Robo assistance shopping, 3D virtual trial rooms, etc. 
  3. Social Media E-commerce: A lot of e-commerce companies make the mistake of eliminating the social aspect of shopping with their e-commerce website. You see, in 2022, Genz and millennials prefer to ask their friends and family about any purchase before going into the actual shopping centre or website. Another important thing to consider is to use relevant content that can add value to the users – be it in case of B2C or B2B sales. It’s the second-highest cause of increasing unsubscribers in your email list. 

Sp having the social component already inside your e-commerce app can significantly boost your sales. For example- facebook provides this API tool using which you can directly plug in the user’s shopping history with their social media feed so that the user gets a brief flash about his seen product and then ultimately makes the purchase.


E-commerce business requires a lot of effort and understanding of the market. Hence if you are sure to put a dent in this, then do a thorough market study and identify the gaps in the existing structure and then implement the necessary changes.