Managing Rental Facilities? How To Improve Security On Your Properties

Managing Rental Facilitie

When you manage rental facilities, you have plenty of things on your mind each day. Along with making sure all tenants pay their rent on time, you are also concerned about the property’s upkeep and keeping the facility as vacancy-free as possible. Yet as you look around at today’s world and the random acts of violence that happen more and more, security is also one of your primary concerns. To improve safety at the rental facilities you manage, here are some steps you should take as soon as you can.

Install Excellent Lighting

At all of your rental facilities, always make sure you have excellent lighting installed in common areas, parking lots, and any other areas you feel are necessary. Not only will the lighting give your tenants and others added peace of mind and comfort, but the lighting will also act as a deterrent to would-be vandals or criminals. Remember to install lighting in both the front and back areas of facilities, since this will make them even safer.

Prioritize Secure Doors

In terms of security, making sure your rental facilities have doors that are well-made and secure can make your job that much easier. As you look over various doors from various facilities like Raynor Door Company, look for entry and exit doors that are made of steel or solid-core wood. If possible, consider adding a peephole to your tenant’s entry doors, since this will let them see who is at their door before deciding to open their door. An added security measure would be to also install deadbolt locks on all entry doors since these locks are almost impossible to penetrate.

Secure Windows

Security measures do not have to stop at just the doors, having protective windows is also a huge help. The type of glass it is made out of could be changed to be sturdier. Another way to prevent break-ins would be by having some sort of gate at the window. Most places use metal gates along their windows, so while they may break your window if they really wanted to, they would be unable to enter your home and steal your belongings.

Trim Trees and Bushes

If there is one thing criminals love, it is having plenty of places to hide. To make sure they don’t have anywhere to hide at your rental facilities, make it a point to have trees and bushes trimmed on a regular basis. Not only will this add to the looks of your facilities, but it will also help prevent muggings, sexual assaults, or other crimes from taking place. While this is safe, this could also increase the property’s value. It would be a win-win situation for both you and your tenants.

Security Cameras

Finally, security cameras can be a great way to give your tenants tremendous peace of mind 24/7. However, you should check your city’s local ordinances to make sure you know exactly where these cameras can and cannot be installed. In most localities, they can be installed near parking lots and various doors but it is still wise to double-check with them as well.

Once you make security a top priority at your rental facilities, acts of vandalism and crime should decrease dramatically. Whether it be by adding light sources to your building, securing entryways, trimming both trees and bushes, or by installing security cameras, your tenants are more likely to feel safe. The crime rate that happens around your building will also drastically go down once these are in place. As they do, your tenants will certainly appreciate your efforts.