5 Simple Tips to Make Your Fitness Videos More Watchable

Making a fitness video is a big commitment. You have to think about how you want the final product to look, what kind of equipment you need or can afford, and how much time it’s going to take. So when your work finally comes together, you should take some steps toward making sure that it gets watched. Here are five tips for sharing workout videos so they’ll be more enjoyable!

1.    Add an Intro/Outro/Descriptive Titles

Add an introduction that introduces yourself and describes what’s in store for viewers in the rest of the video. It could also include your credentials. You’re probably already doing this with various titles throughout the video, but it’s a good idea to state who you are and what the video is about in your introduction. This makes the viewer more likely to watch since they won’t have to sit through an extended title sequence before getting into the meat of the workout.

2.    Make Sure Your Video is Clear

Nothing gives away that amateurs shot a video than if it looks like there was intentional fuzziness on purpose. This looks unprofessional and doesn’t reflect well on you as a personal trainer, coach, or instructor if viewers can tell that someone may not have had sufficient equipment at their disposal. Lack of lighting or poor sound quality is two examples of this. To avoid this issue, you should invest in a video lighting kit as well as a high-quality microphone. They are inexpensive and easily available through online stores. To get the best shots, you should try everything that you can.

3.    Make Your Video Easy to Follow

If people watch videos where they can’t understand or see what’s been done, they probably would not bother watching it again. Likewise, they may not be able to figure out the moves even if they went back and watched it more than once. If possible, use cueing in your video so that viewers know when each activity is coming up next. This is especially helpful if there are combinations of exercises or different moves that happen simultaneously during the workout (e.g., jumping jacks and push-ups).

4.    Tell Your Viewers What They’re Doing

Telling people what they’re doing in a workout video is especially helpful if they have never done the exercises before. If this is not possible, then provide an instruction sheet that explains how to make each move. If they have done the exercises you are demonstrating before, then keep up with your professional trainer/coach/instructor demeanor and describe what you’re doing as you go along.

5.    Keep Your Videos Short

Doing a fitness video doesn’t mean putting down a million reps of one exercise or repeating the same circuit two or three times without explanation or variety. Keeping things short makes sure that your videos don’t drag on unnecessarily. Keeping things to between five and ten minutes is a good rule of thumb. You can always break up the videos into separate parts if you want to go longer or shorter, but never linger on one exercise for too long since it will bore your viewers.

Things To Consider To Create Quality Fitness Videos

So, you’ve decided to start creating fitness videos. That’s great! But before you start, you should think about a few things. Here are four tips to keep in mind when creating quality workout videos.

  • Lighting

One of the most crucial aspects of any video is good lighting. You don’t need to have fancy lights, just make sure you’re shooting in a well-lit area. This will help avoid shadows and make sure that your viewers can see what you’re doing. Natural light is usually preferable, but if you’re shooting indoors, softbox lighting is the best option. It creates softer, more flattering light.

  • Sound

Besides good lighting, sound is also vital in making quality videos. Adding music is one of the essential factors in creating an appealing fitness video. Also, make sure you have good quality sound equipment so that the viewer can hear what you’re saying. Use a microphone if you are doing anything with background noise (e.g., exercising outdoors).

  • Don’t Rush

I know that most people want to get through things as quickly as they can, but don’t chop your videos into concise pieces just for the sake of it. This will lead to poor-quality videos and unengaging content.

  • Variety

Don’t bore your viewers by repeating the same workout over and over again without some variation. Instead, mix up exercises with different kinds of cardio, changing up reps/sets/resistance, or simply adding in more variety on each exercise.

Conclusion: People are more likely to stick with a fitness routine if it is entertaining. You can make your fitness videos more interesting and engaging by following these simple tips. So, what techniques have you used to make your fitness videos more enjoyable?


Rachelle Ann Raymaro is a PR Outreach Specialist at VEED.IO. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and eating her favorite snack.