How to use flags for branding and marketing

branding and marketing

Remember when you were a child and your mom took a red, white and blue bandana printed with stars and stripes and wrapped it around your neck? You were dressed to impress! Well now that you’re all grown up, it’s time to start thinking about printed flags as a form of branding. In recent years printed flags have been popularized by politicians who wave them at their campaign rallies. Barack Obama is one popular example.

But printed flags are not just for political campaigns anymore. The printed flag has been adopted as an effective way to create brand awareness, product recognition, employee morale booster, charity events and support/sporting teams.

We’ve created a list of reasons why printed flags should be part of your marketing budget.

  1. Waving printed flags at parades, rallies, sporting events and other outdoor activities is a great way to get your brand noticed by many people. It’s also a great way to get your printed flag into other printed media such as newspapers, magazines and television news reports which expands the market for your printed flag.
  2. Waving printed flags while standing alongside other waving printed flags creates a true sense of camaraderie between all the individuals included in the promotional effort or event surrounding printed flags. In addition, it enables you to associate your printed flag with like-minded businesses and their printed flags creating powerful alliances!
  3. Printed flags are one of the least expensive items available for businesses who want to promote themselves but with a huge return on investment (ROI). Although printed flags are inexpensive, they create immediate and long-lasting exposure for your company or event.
  4. Printed flags attract attention and create added value to any printed material such as brochures, flyers and posters that carry your printed flag message by drawing the recipients’ eyes down to the printed flag brand message each time it is opened. Since printed flags come in many shapes, sizes and messages like “Celebrate,” “Happy Birthday!” and “Support Your Team!” printed flags give your printed materials an advantage over those without printed flags attached.
  5. Quality printed flags can be made from a wide variety of fabrics which allows you to choose a fabric that gives added value to yourself or your printed flag. For example, printed flags made from 100 percent cotton materials can be used to promote your business or printed material in a casual environment such as a trade show, festival or neighborhood picnic. On the other hand printed flags made from pongee polyester add distinction and make an impressive statement when placed on display inside a convention center, hotel lobby or conference room.
  6. Printed flags are flexible means of communication because printed flags come in various languages such as Spanish, French and English which allows you to communicate with people who speak different languages at the same event or location. In addition printed flags can also address multiple audiences simultaneously by printing both sides of printed flags to fit just about every occasion!
  7. Since printed flags have been adopted by many successful companies, printed flags have gained a high level of credibility and trust. According to a recent Gallup Poll printed flags are the third most trusted source for information after family and friends which makes printed flag brand messaging effective.
  8. Printed flags create long-lasting memories that can be passed on to future generations by printing your printed flag message on both sides of printed flags. The back side of printed flags allows you to repeat the printed flag message as many times as you like which gives printed flag branding an even greater impact on your audience year after year!
  9. Waving printed flags at different angles creates different impressions to those watching or standing near printed flag wearers which adds excitement and creativity to any promotional event or activity involving printed flags! At some printed flag events printed flags are waved in front of printed flag wearers’ faces to attract attention while printed flags worn on top of printed flag wearers’ heads remain at a height where printed flags can easily be seen by nearby onlookers. On the other hand printed flags worn on printed flag wearers’ sides create an image of togetherness and solidarity among printed flag wearers which is perfect for bringing groups together around one common purpose or activity!


Printed flags are a popular and affordable printed material that can be used to increase exposure for your printed flag brand by including printed flags with printed materials such as brochures, flyers and posters. In addition printed flags come in various shapes, sizes, languages and messages which make printed flags very flexible means of communication!