10 Things that Make Group Travels Better than Solo Travels

Traveling is a dream for many people because you need money, time and other costly capacities to travel. For some, it is one of their major-league hobbies. Others do it only when they have special life occasions to celebrate or when they want to spend the Holidays somewhere else. Lastly, some travel for work and business purposes. Amidst the differences among these various traveling reasons and choices, one of the questions that divide the opinions of travelers and aspiring travelers is this: Which is better, solo travels or group travels? 

To be honest, there are distinct pros and cons from both options. In some ways, solo travels are one step ahead, but in some other aspects, group travels are of higher-grade. Each person could have unique reasons for choosing their preference as well. In this piece, we’ll just select one from the two ends of the pole, and that is the group travels. 

Let’s talk about the rewards of traveling with someone! If you prefer to travel alone yet you’re being invited by your friends, workmates or relatives to a group trip, don’t overthink, and don’t be bothered. There are actually very worthwhile boons of traveling with people besides yourself. Check out these 10 things that make group travels better than solo travels.

1 – Financial expenses are distributed

Probably one of the top reasons why groups who travel together love doing so is this. Financial expenses are distributed. Everyone in the squad contributes because everyone benefits from and enjoys the trip. 

You’re not the only one withdrawing and spending money. That’s why it’s highly possible for you to try adventures and amenities that are mostly expensive. You can go for luxury escapes and five-star restaurants too! Why not?! You have people to divide the bills and charges with. 

2 – Be entitled to group travel promos and discounts

Trip offers online and offline frequently have special presents for people who travel as a group. There are sale offers or packages exclusive to more than one or two people. That means if you book your desired destinations, you might be entitled to group travel promos and discounts.

Say you’re a group of 10 going to a beach resort, there could be seasonal or fixed promos that you may enjoy. Or if you’re booking a hotel accommodation with your 5-member family, you might get free food or percent-offs for their luxurious dining, which is not included in your booking. And these are big markdowns because it’s like the token of the travel company or of the travel itinerary for their clients.

3 – Travel responsibilities are shared

When you travel, you relax and unwind, but you do not forget about responsibilities on the trip. 

If you’re not staying in one place, of course, you have to organize the parts of your trip, such as where to eat, where to buy this and that, what transportation means to take, what time to wake up, how to speak with locals, how to book hotel accommodation, how to find the way when you’re lost. These are just some duties naturally attached to going on trips. 

Group travels allow you to share these travel responsibilities with someone. You won’t need to think of and handle everything by yourself because you have travel buddies to count on. That’s reduced stress!

4 – You have someone to be your photographer

Admit it or not, when traveling solo, it’s difficult to take photos of yourself. You get mostly selfies. You need to ask a stranger. If you’re prepared, you are going to use a tripod or a mini tripod. 

Oppositely, you have someone to be your photographer when you travel in a group. No need to be shy about taking a shot of yourself, doing a jump shot alone, or taking a selfie. What’s more, you can take a photo of yourself with the background, or with the elements you want to show, being shown fully. 

5 – It’s not just you, you and you on your travel photos

Travel photos are a must for every trip. When traveling in a group, you will have a lot of them, and it’s not just you, you and you on them. You have companions, and you could take their photos as well. When you upload your trip’s album to your social media account, people won’t see only you but also your travel buddies having fun together!

6 – You have someone to share your food with

We know you can do this even without needing to go on a trip, but it makes sense. When you travel with someone, you have someone to share your food with. It’s not simply the restaurant bill but the food itself. Good food is made more fun with good company! Also, if the serving of your order is too big for one person, then you can divide it among you and your group!

7 – Boredom is more bearable

Traveling is healing and refreshing. That’s no question. It’s just that there are hours when you’re not really active, when you have no scheduled itinerary, or when you just feel sluggish in the middle of your trip. That happens. Boredom happens! It does, yet it becomes more bearable when you have travel buddies to talk with, to share thoughts with and even to play with during your free time.  

8 – Freely express your happiness in front of your loved ones

When you’re traveling alone, and you get super excited, you do not have an outlet. Most of the time, you keep the thrill within yourself, or you simply talk to yourself. That’s fine.

But it would be much better to freely express your happiness in front of your loved ones. In group travels, that is something you can do without hesitation. No need to be very shy. No need to hold your joy back. Your family or your friends are as excited as you.  

9 – You have companions when you get lost while traveling

More often than not, foreigners get lost on their way to their travel destinations. You might experience this not only abroad but also locally. 

When you travel in a group, you have companions even if you get confused about the routes. You do not feel totally lost when you are surrounded by your loved ones. When you do not know what to do, someone in your group might know. It relieves you. Instead of being very scared, you are looking forward to possible adventures amid your search for the right path. 

10 – Create travel memories that are also kept and remembered by someone else

One of the most touching things about group travels is that you can create travel memories that are also kept and remembered by someone else. You will not just share stories or explain the pleasant experiences you’ve had during your trip. Your loved ones also get them by your side. You can always recall them as priceless remembrances that will always make you feel ecstatic!



Now, that’s fantastic! Solo traveling is really nice in terms of being able to handle your personal time, lessen the hassles of waiting for many companions and make decisions on your own, but the above-mentioned points have just also proven how group travels are superb too! It’s literally ‘the more, the merrier’, plus you have people to share a lot of travel-related things with too. 

For sure, you have discovered some new stuff from this piece and have been enlightened how group travels can also create your most beautiful travel memories yet!  



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.