5 Key Elements of Elegant Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations are the first impression your guests get of your wedding, so make it count. Of course, that doesn’t mean you must spend a fortune on them. You can add a handful of special, affordable touches to your invitations that will let guests know they’re in for something super special. To inspire you and get you started on planning your wedding invitation suite, here are some of my favorite examples from our customers:

1. A Traditional Invitation in Elegant Fonts

A traditional invitation with elegant fonts perfectly combines classic and modern. Elegant fonts are not the same as traditional ones; they’re clean, simple, and easy to read. They can be written in cursive or block letters, but whatever you choose, it will look great when paired with an elegant font on your wedding invitation!

Elegant Fonts:

  • Calligraphy Script
  • Goudysan (or similar)
  • Copperplate (or similar)

2.   A Pocket Fold Invitation

A pocket fold invitation is a folded card that can be sent in an envelope. It’s great to add a little extra to your wedding invitations without going over budget. Since invitations are often one of the most important parts of the wedding planning process, having them be as special as possible is nice.

Pocket fold invitations are typically made from thick paper stock with an embossed design on the front and back. They come in many different sizes and styles for you to choose from, depending on what style suits your needs best!

3.   A Seal-And-Send Wedding Invitation

A seal-and-send wedding invitation is a traditional invitation that you seal and send to your guests. This would be a great choice of elegant wedding invitations to send to your guest. A wax stamp is used to seal the envelope, ensuring only one person can open it. Usually more formal than laser-cut invitations, this style uses less paper and ink than its counterpart.

To create a seal-and-send invitation:

  • Use heavy card stock paper that feels luxurious in your hand when held (120# matte or textured).
  • Please select a font with some weight; think block letters rather than a script or italicized font. In addition, make sure it’s readable in different sizes so people won’t have trouble seeing what you’ve written!
  • Purchase a wax stamp with your monogram or initials (you’ll use this to close the envelope).

4. A Laser-Cut Embellishment for a Traditional Invitation

Personalization is one of the most important elements of any invitation, and laser-cut embellishments are a great way to add a personal touch. Laser cutting allows you to create custom designs that can be used on the front or back of an invitation. If you don’t have time to design your own, many templates are available online that you can download and edit. If you already know what you want your design to look like, all you need is access to a laser cutter and some cardstock paper.

5.  An Ecologically Friendly Wedding Invitation

If you’re looking to make a more eco-friendly statement with your wedding invitations, use recycled paper. Most wedding invitations are printed on uncoated paper, comprising at least 30% of post-consumer waste. This means the paper is made from recycled materials so that the trees used for those products can be used for another purpose or product. You can also opt for 100% post-consumer waste envelopes, which are even better. You ca also use renewable energy. Printing your invitations on 100% solar-powered equipment will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and leave a smaller carbon footprint behind than other options—though it costs more upfront. If this isn’t an option for you or is too expensive now, try switching to soy-based inks instead of petroleum-based ones. Soy-based inks have been shown time after time again to be safer than traditional petroleum-based inks when tested by researchers who wanted (unfortunately) to find out what would happen if someone touched their hand after opening one envelope containing soy vs. one containing only normal ink guess which one they touched? Yup: The one with regular ink on it!


A wedding invitation should be inviting and elegant but also reflect the personality of the couple who will wed. When choosing your wedding invitations, consider using two or more elements together to create a lovely invitation that your guests will cherish as a keepsake.