YOU CARE, EYE CARE: 10 Tips to Keep Your Precious Eyes Healthy

Henry David Thoreau says, “The eye is the jewel of the body.” I couldn’t agree more. The eyes are indeed priceless to the core. 

The sense of sight takes its place in and through the eyes. If there’s something wrong with the eyes, it’s difficult to open them and see things. Possibly, they hurt or feel uncomfortable. For some, it’s even (temporarily) impossible to see. Yes, without sight, the eyes will be dysfunctional. However, without the eyes, sight will have no room to arise. That is exactly why it is a top-tier necessity to love your eyes and protect them at all costs.

Exposed to countless elements everyday and faced with the immutable reality that eyes also change as people age, the eyes need extra regard and nurture. More than you think they do, they really do. 

Be a more responsible owner of your dear eyes! Here are 10 tips to keep your precious eyes healthy.

1 – Do activities with proper lighting


Sometimes, people are just so hard-headed to move to an area at home that’s more brightly lit than where they are. You are like that at times, too, right? That is especially when you are too lazy to get up and transfer your stuff from your current location to another, although it’s literally just a few steps away. 

Reading a book under dim light or in the middle of darkness, only with your cellphone’s flashlight, is like you are self-inflicting a problem that you yourself will later stress out about. The same thing with cleaning dishes or sweeping the floor with lights turned off.

Do activities with proper lighting if you don’t want to hurt your eyes and suffer poor or worse eyesight soon. You can efficiently perform and accomplish all your tasks. Moreover, you are giving yourself a huge favor if you do that because if you don’t, who suffers? Nobody but you. 

2 – Eat healthy

Many don’t believe it because the eyes don’t eat, but food you consume and feed yourself with affects your eyes as well. Eat healthy. When you eat nutritious food, you see better and clearer, just like how you feel. There are nutrients needed by the body, which also have a tremendous impact on eye health. Some are lutein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E, and zinc. Even when you get old and prone to age-related eye health difficulties, having an ample supply of these eye-friendly nutrients will aid you in beating back those age-linked eye diseases. 

3 – Avoid rubbing your eyes, especially with dirty hands

This is like a default rule, but it’s here because it’s one of the most important reminders, which many people still fail to observe sometimes. Avoid rubbing your eyes, especially when your hands are dirty or when you have not sanitized them yet. Actually, even with clean hands, rubbing your eyes may harm them, particularly with harsh movement and forceful weight.

Obviously, rubbing the eyes with dirty hands is dangerous as it can carry terrible disease-causing bacteria from stuff you put your hands onto then to your dear eyes! Eye infections that begin from simple and seemingly “just okay” itchiness can come from irresponsible rubbing too. 

Furthermore, even clean hands can be culprits to eye issues if you keep rubbing them on those beautiful eyes. In the long run, if it becomes like a mannerism or a bad habit to rub your eyes, small scratches and scars can form on the eye areas, including the internal areas. 

4 – Do not smoke

Cigarette smoking definitely ruins every part of the human body. Let’s not sugarcoat that anymore no matter how some people say that it’s their way to relieve stress. At the end of the day, cigarette smoking destroys health and leads to a shorter life span. 

Do not smoke. In this topic, do not smoke, so you can keep yourself away from age-related macular degeneration, which can manifest in blindness. If you think that smoking “only” wrecks the lungs, think again. Another casualty is right in front of you, and they are your eyes. 

5 – If you use makeup, make sure it’s safe for your eyes

Cosmetics are generally not perfectly good for the skin, although they enhance one’s features and although there are healthy and natural options. Nevertheless, if you really have to put on makeup, or if you consider it helpful to boost your self-confidence, make sure that it’s safe for your eyes. Make sure that they are not toxic to the eyes – yes, to the eyes themselves and not only to the skin around them. See to it that even when you accidentally spray or spread that makeup in your eyes, you won’t have to worry about them getting painful or irritated.     

6 – Get enough proper sleep

24 hours in a day seem to be lacking in this day and age when the world is pacing faster than ever. Even with that, you should aim to get enough proper sleep. Your eyes are among the most actively used parts of your body. It’s the same thing for everyone. 

The eyes are used for everything, and they get exhausted too. Sometimes, when the eyes are tired, you experience redness in the eyes, watery eyes, light sensitivity and/or blurry vision. You are getting dark under-eyes too. These are some of the signs that you lack sleep. Your eyes themselves are getting burned out. When you experience these and the like, don’t push yourself too hard into staying up late; sleep well!   

As soon as you wake up, your eyes will feel good and look good! 

7 – Work your body out!

Some would ask what this number is doing here. Well, it’s very important in case you missed it! Working your body out or exercising is the activity that gives the best health results, covering from the head down to the toes. Yes, everything in between is included! None is exempted! 

When you exercise, you fend off the reality of a physically inactive, sedentary lifestyle that leads to so many health issues, including eye issues. You develop a stronger immune system as well, which shields you from the possibility of your eyes getting problematic today or as you age.

Take note that some diseases that are not at all related to the eyes have horrible effects on other parts of the body, and those include the eyes. Especially when complications arise, the eyesight can also be overwhelmed and distressed. Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases falling under this.

Work out. Value regular exercise. With or without exercise equipment, in or out of the gym, alone or with a fitness coach, you can do it! 

8 – Keep a suitable distance from the screen of your gadgets

Especially for little kids, this is something forgotten or ignored. Parents should do something. And even for adults, this is something neglected at times too. 

Keep a suitable distance from the screen of your gadgets. Do not place the screens of your mobile phones or tablets close to your eyes. Too much exposure to radiation is strong and harmful; it can cause poor eyesight and eye strain over time. Sit or stand fittingly away from the screen of the TV and of your electronic devices. 

9 – Take long breaks from screens

Aside from making your position away from the screen suitable, taking long breaks from screens is very essential too. Watch your screen time, and discipline yourself. If you are spending a lot of time on social media, for no important reason, that’s unhealthy. Your eyes will soon experience the after-effects – if not now, soon! 

Go outside. See nature. Speak with loved ones. Don’t just focus on your gadgets and screens. Live in the moment too. Not only your eyesight will be made healthy but also your perspectives and mindsets in life. 

10 – Have your eyes checked regularly or as you see fit.

Consult an eye doctor to keep your precious eyes healthy. As people age, the eyes change in some ways too. To prevent negative directions of these changes, have your eyes checked regularly, particularly if you know you are getting a little old already. If you are experiencing some eyesight discomforts or difficulties, do not hesitate to have your eyes checked as you see fit!  



The eyes are among the most used parts of the body everyday. In everything you do when you’re awake, you use your eyes. Like it or not, your eyes are always at work. They are consistently busy and doing their best to serve you and all the things you do.

That is enough for you to understand that eyes get tired too. Yes, they get exhausted and worn out as well, especially when you have been working with them nonstop. Negatively, those eyes get burned out also when you are abusing them, so don’t. Don’t treat your eyes badly.

Instead, care for your eyes. Shield them from everything that can harm them. Even while growing old, you can have pretty and functional eyes. Cherish and care for your lovely eyes. They are expensive treasures that have no second copy or backup version.



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.