Is It Safe To Have Plastic Surgery During Covid?

Covis surgery _ Gustavo Fring _ Pexels

During the pandemic, it has become increasingly obvious that people don’t like being on their own and not being able to do basic things like visiting family and friends. This has affected millions of people with a rapid increase in mental health. People have become more anxious, afraid to leave the house and also a lot of people are now more self-conscious than ever before. Many people are turning to Joe Wix in the morning or exercising when they can, others have adopted pets to have company in their life but there are also many people out there who have been going through cosmetic surgery for a number of reasons with the most popular of treatments being breast implant removal surgery, liposuction and rhinoplasty due to people being able to recover at home without having to book time off work etc. In this article, we will go through some safety precautions during the pandemic and discuss whether it is safe to do so.

Plastic surgery during a pandemic

Whether it’s the first cosmetic surgery treatment or are ready for your next, it is essential to look for a plastic surgeon who follows the very highest standards of health and safety precautions for their patients, staff and also themselves. The minimum standards that someone should be looking for when getting treatment is to be able to open the medical practice safely which the government has provided an extensive list of recommendations to do this correctly.

Safety Protocols

There are many lists and recommendations that have been provided, but it is essential that to get the safest treatment, the surgery itself must follow the following rules.

  • Limit in-office visits by offering virtual consultations when possible.
  • The clinic must conduct COVID-19 tests of staff and patients. (temperature checks, respiratory symptoms, travel and possible exposure prior to entering the clinic)
  • Clinics must put social distancing measures in place and reduce the number of patients that are booked in for in-office visits.
  • Shared space should be eliminated where possible, this would include reception rooms and waiting rooms.
  • Full personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used on all staff members all the time.
  • Require staff and patients to wear a face mask as a mandatory procedure.
  • Implement shields between staff and patients in the front office so that office workers and patients are not at risk.
  • Implement a full deep clean sanitation between patient visits and allow operation rooms to have a new circulation of air.

If your clinic is not following these rules then it may be worth looking around for a better clinic that is following them as this can be a case of vital importance due to patients being infected. It is also worth mentioning that if they are not following these health guidelines, what other guidelines are they not following? This should answer your question for you.

If you are wondering whether it is safe to have cosmetic surgery it is all down to personal opinion. Surgeries have seen a rapid increase in recent months as lockdown restrictions are loosening for some parts of the world.

If you have chosen a clinic that does not follow the basic recommendations, it is more than likely that the surgery is not going to be safe and you could have a high risk of infection and possibly have a bad job done. However, if they do follow all the recommendations and are regularly cleaning the clinic and allowing air circulation, then the surgery will be safe.

This is a big decision that should not be taken lightly as this is your body. If you are still unsure whether you can trust the clinic you have chosen, then it would be wise to not use them and possibly wait until things are back to normal.