Importance of Oxygen Cylinders for Covid-19 Patients

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Covid-19 patients are undergoing treatment and widely using an oxygen cylinder at home. That is why the demand for oxygen cylinders has increased more than before, needless to say, the price has also increased. Oxygen delivery companies have already sprung up in several home services overnight due to high demand, which is further expanding the treatment of patients at home, maintaining the quality.

Corona affected patients are facing an oxygen crisis in Covid hospitals. High flow oxygen is needed during acute respiratory distress, but most of the time it is not available in the hospital. Since more than one patient is needed at a time, patients in Covid hospitals have to use oxygen strictly. Due to this situation, the demand for oxygen and home service of oxygen cylinders is increasing day by day. But before buying or renting you must have an idea about oxygen cylinder price in bd and know who is offering good quality cylinders.

Importance of Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen cylinders are one of the most demanded and rare things in this country at the moment. Many patients, especially those with coronary heart disease, now need to be given artificial oxygen for shortness of breath. Many people are now desperately searching for oxygen cylinders to save their dying loved ones.

This demand and use of oxygen cylinders can be assumed to be an inevitable part of our lives for many more days to come. Oxygen management in Covid hospitals is very delicate and in some hospitals, only one cylinder is kept in one place in the ward. Patients with shortness of breath have to take turns going there and wearing oxygen masks.

When the cylinder runs out again, it is too late for the new cylinder to arrive. Due to such a tragic experience in the hospital, many people affected by Covid-19 are deciding to seek treatment at home and the use of the oxygen cylinder at home is growing rapidly.

Why Covid Patients Need Oxygen?

Once the virus enters the lungs, it causes a variety of damage. Sometimes viral pneumonia or inflammation, sometimes septicemia, sometimes ARDS or severe respiratory problems, sometimes pulmonary embolism or blood clotting damage.

In such a situation, the only solution so far is to make arrangements to maintain the level of oxygen in the body by introducing extra oxygen. For this, you can take oxygen cylinder home service from a reputable company that sells and rents good quality oxygen cylinders.

How Oxygen Therapy is Given To A Covid Patient

Oxygen, like any other medicine, is a prescribed medical procedure. This treatment is given at a specific dose, at a specific time, with the help of a specific supply mask or instrument so that the patient can achieve the maximum desired oxygen level. A small device called a pulse oximeter is attached to the finger to determine the desired level of oxygen.

However, if you or someone in your household is not proficient in this subject, then try home nursing services. Nurse service at home will help you get the treatment properly because they are experienced. If the situation does not improve, the flow has to be doubled.

Final Words

The patient needs to be tested for how much oxygen the body needs. After measuring the oxygen level of the body, the amount of oxygen flow required per minute is determined. There is no need to take oxygen for shortness of breath as there are many reasons for shortness of breath including pulse petition.

However, if the level of oxygen in the body drops below 90%, you have to give 2 liters of oxygen per minute. Oxygen cylinder at home service is very necessary for you in this situation when you are thinking of taking treatment at home. Search online for more important services including Oxygen cylinder home delivery and nursing home care BD.