Ideas That Will Transform Your Yard Into an Outdoor Living Space

When the weather is perfect, you’ll of course want to spend time outside. Fresh air and sunshine can naturally brighten anyone’s mood. An outdoor living space takes full advantage of the healthful benefits of being outdoors. Just a few simple changes can make your time outside fulfilling and comfortable.

Set Your Priorities

First, decide what you want to use your outdoor space for. There are a hundred different ways to use the yard, but each of them will have different elements and features. For example, an outdoor space designed for family gatherings and barbecues will be different than one designed for reading or meditation. You might plan to use your yard for a mix of things, even contradictory things. In this case, try to create sections in the yard. For example, you might do yoga in the mornings by the garden but entertain dinners on the patio.

Plan With Existing Features

Next, take into account the features your yard already has, such as a deck or patio, a swimming pool, and any existing landscaping. You don’t need to tear these down, even if you’re planning a major yard renovation. Instead, you can work with these features before adding anything new. If your yard does not have a deck or patio, you may need to add one. You need a solid foundation on which to build your outdoor room.

Design for Privacy

Planning for privacy is especially important if you live in a densely populated neighborhood. Even if you have a fence, neighbors may be able to see into your yard from their upper floors, even unintentionally.

Consider installing outdoor blinds around your patio. Outdoor blinds can be used to create both shade and privacy. These weather-resistant blinds come in several colors and materials to match your style. Outdoor blinds attach securely to the edge of a roof and can be rolled down whenever you need privacy or shade.

Create an Ambience

Fountains, fish ponds, flowers, and fire pits can all help to create an ambiance. In general, water elements create a meditative atmosphere, while fire elements are a place for friends to gather.

Outdoor lighting can also add to the evening ambiance. For example, string lights create a soft, romantic feeling. But, if you plan on evening barbecues, you will probably need at least one spotlight. If your yard has paths going through it, you may want to set up some small pathway lights. These are often solar or battery-powered, so you don’t need to worry about wires. By having your paths lit properly, you can avoid injuries for you and your guests.

Your landscaping also creates a mood. Carefully choose and place your plants not just for looks, but also for ease of care. Finally, choose outdoor furniture that’s both durable and has a style that fits your mood.

Work With the Natural Environment

No one wants to sit outside during a windstorm. The wind could also damage furniture, potted plants, and other new features in your yard. If your area regularly has strong winds, you may need to build a windscreen to block those. A flowering trellis can act as a very attractive windscreen, creating a pretty and peaceful nook.

Erecting a patio roof or a pergola might be necessary to provide shade and to protect from rain. Also, placing outdoor blinds or curtains on the sunny side of your patio makes the space comfortable all day. Finally, position the elements of your outdoor living space, and take advantage of a nice view if you have one.

It takes planning and thought, but creating an outdoor living space is easily achievable. Moreover, it could become your favorite place at home.