What You Need To Know Before Picking Up Cycling

Woman cycling on the neighborhood

Cycling is a versatile sport that people from all walks of life can enjoy. If you are considering trying it out, but are unsure where to start, consider expanding your basic knowledge on the subject before making any purchases just yet. Find out what information you need to know before picking up cycling.

Cycling Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

As you begin cycling, getting a good bike that will get you from place to place in one piece is crucial. It should also match your style and needs, if possible. While new bikes can be out of budget for some, many people benefit from used and consignment finds that require less money but a little extra love to get on the road.

Even with a second-hand purchase, bikes may cost a little more than a nice dinner out on the town. To combat any guilt you may be feeling for picking a new hobby, know that choosing biking over driving a car decreases carbon emissions and saves gas money, too.

Only Basic Cycling Gear Is Truly Necessary

If you start to add up the cost of a bike and all the gear you see pro cyclists wearing in ads and on social media, the price can skyrocket quite fast. The truth is, you only need a basic stash of good cycling gear to keep you safe and at least a little chic.

Start by getting a helmet fitted for your specific head and face shape. If you have corrective lenses, prescription cycling glasses will help keep your vision 20/20 on the road without worrying about bugs or rocks damaging your daily eyewear.

Well-fitting clothing that is breathable makes a great base layer. If it is warm outside, stick with the base layer and then add some reflective striping. When the temperatures drop, build onto your layers for the best results. Cover joints and extremities more than you focus on your core to keep your legs pedaling even and smooth.

Cycling Is Different Than Biking From Childhood

If you have memories of haphazardly pedaling a million miles an hour with your friends down narrow alleys, throwing caution to the wind while popping wheelies all the way, you’re not alone. However, know that now you’re older, tricks and speed raging are typically frowned upon unless you’re at the X-games or on a BMX track; the shared open road is not the place for freewheeling.

Steering, braking, shifting, and pedaling remain largely the same, which is why road biking is a sport that many people pick up; it is familiar enough to feel secure. However, sharing the road and staying focused can be far more nerve-wracking as an adult when you know the repercussions of not doing so. For best results, remain hydrated, attentive, and only ride when the weather and lighting are ideal until you gain more chops as a cyclist.

Cycling is an easy sport to get into because it requires minimal equipment to get started. Choosing the right bike, helmet, and prescription cycling glasses will get you going in no time. To browse an extensive selection of cycling glasses, check out Safety Gear Pro for a peek at their impressive inventory.