How To Fund Your Games By Creating And Selling Game Assets

As a 2d or 3d artist, you can buy and sell game assets. Creating and selling game assets is an excellent way to raise funds. Whether you are just willing to earn from making and selling game assets or trying to raise funds for your game projects, you need to follow lots of dos and don’ts.

In the following article, we will answer your several questions. For example, how to create game assets, What are game assets, where can you sell game assets and so many other industry-related questions. So, we ask you to go through the article attentively if you want complete information regarding the said questions.

What Are Game Assets?

All the elements that come together in making a game a whole are called game assets. Game assets include graphics such as characters, environments, logos. It also provides music and sound effects and some more additional elements. Here we have offered categorized divisions for different game assets.

In 2d and 3d designs, these assets come-

  • Characters
  • Environments
  • Objects
  • Vehicles

In the scripting part of a game, these assets come-

  • Special effects
  • AI

Audio assets are also important and are crucial game assets that you can create and sell.

  • Background music and sound effects are crucial game assets.

So, according to this info, if you can make any of these assets, you can sell them for making games. For instance, if you are an artist with graphic skills to create characters and backgrounds, you can sell them. The same goes for coders, game designers, and music composers; they can sell their work to the gaming industry as well.

Selling your creative assets for the creative industry is a reasonable way of funding your game.

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How To Create Game Assets That Sell?

So, when you are creating game assets, you want them to sell to raise funds for your games. But how do you create game assets that sell? Here is how-

  • In the gaming industry, originality is of utmost importance. It would help if you created original and unique assets that stand out.
  • It would help if you had a good idea about the assets that sell in the market. Your purchase should match or surpass the required quality in the market.
  • Multiple versions of the assets you create may already be available in the market. It would help if you gave them something out of the ordinary. For instance, you create background designs, then create basic stuff that won’t help you sell a thing. You need to offer the buyers improvised and newer versions of what they need.
  • Having a style is essential. Your customer needs a character for their gaming projects, and they will need all the characters to have the same style in terms of designs.
  • Add a little extra: your buyer will always appreciate it when adding a little extra to their plate. When you are selling characters, you can add short animations. You can add some textures to the pack of building designs you are willing to sell for background design.

Where Can You Sell Game Assets?

The gaming industry is currently more active than ever. Some popular sites will pay you for the gaming assets that you have. You can sell your gaming assets here and fund your game.

GameDev Market:  You can sell your game assets in the marketplace of GameDev. 2d sprites, 3d models, music, GUI, sound effects, every game asset sales on this platform. The community forums of GameDev connect the game developers with the asset publishers. This allows you to know what your buyer is looking for.

Game Art 2D: This marketplace is good for selling 2d sprites, GUI elements, and tilesets.

TurboSquid: If you are still a learner, you should avoid this marketplace, as it’s a place for professionals. However, if you are good at designing 3d models, you can make sales on TurboSquid. Only the high-quality 3d models are sold in TurboSquid.

Unity Asset Store:  The Unity marketplace is a large market, and you can sell almost every type of gaming asset in the Unity assets store. GUI elements, 2d and 3d assets, music and sound effects, animations, shaders, particle effects, and entire unity projects are eligible for sale here.

Unreal Engine Marketplace:  Much like the unity assets, the unreal engine marketplace also sells different gaming assets. You can also sell gaming projects relating to the Unreal engine.


If you are a creative professional who can create any game asset, for instance, composing music, soundtrack, designing characters and backgrounds, GUI elements, and other assets, then selling assets is a way to accumulate funds for your gaming projects.

In this article, we have provided the ways to sell your gaming assets through multiple websites. These websites pay proper value for the game assets you sell.

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