How long do coffee beans last: Tips to preserve their freshness

The best quality coffee beans will add the right zing to your everyday brew. But purchasing the best quality beans is not enough. If you want to ensure that you get consistently delicious coffee throughout all days, you must store the coffee beans carefully.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to store your coffee beans to maximize their freshness.

How to keep your coffee beans fresh for longer?

1. Buy the right amount of beans

While you may be tempted to buy and stock up on your favorite coffee beans, know that they tend to lose their freshness after they are roasted. Hence, it’s always best to buy small batches of freshly roasted beans. Your local coffee roaster is an excellent choice here, as they always roast coffee in small batches.

Be sure to ask your local coffee roaster about the roasting date and when the beans were ground. This will give you an idea about the quality of the beans. Try to buy coffee beans that will only last you a couple of weeks.

2. Store your beans in airtight containers

Coffee beans should be stored away from their greatest enemies – air, moisture, heat, and light. The best way to protect the freshness for longer is to keep them in airtight, opaque containers at room temperature.

Also, store the beans away from any heat-producing appliances like ovens, toasters, electric kettles, and even from direct sunlight.

If you feel particularly lazy about storing your coffee beans, why not try coffee bags instead? They are super convenient, affordable, and make amazing coffee. You also don’t have to worry too much about storage, and they are sealed in airtight bags. Check out some amazing coffee bags from here.

3. Do not freeze your coffee beans

There are mixed reviews about freezing coffee beans. But please don’t freeze your coffee beans. We say this because we tested this out ourselves and it was one of the best worst decisions that we ever made.

So, if you look closely into the structure of coffee beans, you would know that they are porous and tend to absorb aromas from their surroundings. This means they tend to absorb the smell of aromatics (onion, garlic, etc.) that may be stored in your fridge. Since they are porous, they also tend to absorb moisture which in turn reduces the taste of the beans. If you put a half-open bag of coffee beans into the freezer and thaw it later, it won’t taste the same.

4. Don’t throw out your stale coffee

How amazing would it be if you actually bought coffee beans in small amounts, so you would finish them before they lose flavor? Since this is not a perfect world, we know that’s so often not the case. But it doesn’t mean that you should throw away your coffee powder.

Use the stale coffee to make a cold brew. You can also steep the coffee for longer to really get that intense coffee flavor. Trust us, you wouldn’t notice a difference if you use stale coffee in cold brews! Coffee bags can be especially convenient here, you can just add a bag with some cold water and leave it in the refrigerator for as long as you want.

We hope this article gave you a fair idea of how much coffee beans or coffee bags to buy, store, and how to use up stale coffee. So, go buy your fresh coffee beans or coffee bags now, and drink as much as you want (quickly). Coffee shouldn’t wait for no one!