How Can Professional Plumbers Resolve Issues Related To Leakage?

They say a drop a day wastes the water away, and such waste is not acceptable. Every household at least once comes across the problem of sudden dripping of water, or unusually high-water bills and that’s when you know it’s time to deal with some leakage problems and a professional plumber can be of great help in leak detection.

Common types of faults that cause leakage

The issue with leakage problems is that the root cause goes undetected for quite some time, leading to major repairs or replacement of plumbing systems or pipes causing significant expense. This can be prevented by opting for leak detection by checking your pipelines regularly. The most common types of leakages found in a household are:

  • Toilet leak

This is the most common type of leak experienced by every households. Toilet leak can be caused due to many reasons, the first being a damaged flush valve causing automatic flushing of water in your toilets or continuous running of water in the toilet bowl. Secondly, due to a damaged seal under your toilet causing your bathroom to stink and emit a very foul smell.

  • Clogged drains

Excess hair, dirt and soap residue or paper towels and napkins etc. Can clog and block the flow of the water through the drains and increase the pressure in the water pipes, leading them to burst or crack. This further results in leakage in the pipes.

  • Corroded pipes

A professional plumber will first look for any kind of corrosion in the pipes for leak detection because over the years the corrosion of your pipelines is inevitable. The corroded areas in the pipes start forming minor holes and cracks that initiate minimum leakage and then expand to cause significant water loss. The pipes need to be changed and taken care of often to prevent such leakage.

Leakage and leak detection can seem like an issue that can be fixed on our own without seeking help from professional plumbers, and at times the problem can be treated at home only if you are an expert in plumbing. However, it is best to always ask a professional for help as the leakage can also have underlying issues leading to greater problems in the future that aren’t visible to us.

Common types of water problems

Leakage brings problems like water loss and disturbed water passage and issues like decolourisation of pipes, rust and structural damage that can only be solved and repaired by a plumber. The most common types of water problems and their leak detection that should definitely be consulted with a plumber are:

  • Dampness

Dampness especially on the walls occur when the pipes behind the walls or lying underneath the floors start to leak water due to cracks or other serious pipe issues. Damp spots should never be neglected, and reach out to a plumber as soon as possible.

  • Reduced water pressure

The time you start noticing the decrease in the water pressure in your taps is the time you would want to contact a plumber. The reason for the same can be built-up of minerals in the pipes, clogs, and dirt in the pipeline leading to blockage of a healthy water supply.

  • Leaking faucets

In the beginning, this may not seem like a serious issue to worry about, but the leakage of water through the faucets escalates very quickly. This can either happen due to excess water pressure in the pipe, causing the dripping of water or faulty faucet, whatever is the issue call the plumber.


Leak detection can be done by professional plumbers, which is why one shouldn’t wait or try solving issues like these by themselves as there could be underlying and significant causes of the same. Instead, save yourself from facing leaks and the expense of repairing them by taking care of your pipelines.