8 Handy Accessories to Make Your Home Cleaner and Comfier

For some people, clean is synonymous with comfy. To others, they are two different concepts. A home can be clean but feel like the occupants are living in a museum. To others, comfy does not specifically mean clean and in fact, it can seem to mean quite the opposite. Let’s address both concepts and help you keep your home both clean and comfortable.

Everyone wants a home that looks clean and feels comfortable. Some people accomplish this feat by hiring help to come to their homes and clean thoroughly. Many others cannot do that so they clean their homes by themselves. Some techniques and products can help make that process easier and quicker if only you knew which ones they are.

Here are some accessories that will make your cleaning projects easier and move along quicker

A Good Vacuum

Most people have some kind of vacuum cleaner available to them. The question always seems to be is it time to upgrade what you have. There is a huge variety of cleaners on the market today but that only complicates the issue.

Price is one of the limiting factors as is technology and storage. Whatever you choose, make sure it will work for your home and your floors. Be especially cognizant if you have a hairy pet. That will make a difference in your end result.

Rubber Gloves

Some people never bother using this accessory. If you are at all sensitive to chemicals and harsh cleaning agents you will benefit by using a pair of gloves. Gloves will also protect your hands from rashes and chemical interactions. Always wash your hands after removing the gloves to be sure you have all residue off them.

Microfiber Cloths

It is well worth your small investment to purchase a number of higher-quality cleaning cloths. These cloths are extremely versatile and work on every surface in your home. They can be used either wet or dry and washed and reused. Microfiber cloths are soft enough not to damage or scratch any of the surfaces in your home.

Surface Cleaners

In the cleaning marketing of products, there are efforts to convince you that you need different cleaners for different surfaces. That is not necessarily true. A good all-purpose surface cleaner can be used for a number of chores.

Yes, there are specific items in your home that do need a different kind of cleaner like your oven. Many jobs can be completed using one good surface cleaner.

White Vinegar

This specific type of vinegar can be used diluted with water in an empty clean spray bottle. While fewer people are using white vinegar to clean these days, many professionals and others still rely on it to ensure really clean surfaces and other areas.

One objection to its use is the smell. If that bothers you, just open the windows and it will dissipate.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is similar to vinegar in that it is used less these days but should be considered to get your house really clean. It is a natural product and thus safer to use around kids and pets.

One of its best uses is that it removes various nasty smells from carpets, appliances, and closets. If you mix it gently with vinegar you get a foam that is great for cleaning grime and slightly soiled stains.

Melamine Foam

Melamine foam is a term with which you may not be familiar. It is the material used by products like Mr. Clean erasers. They are great for cleaning dirt and grime.

Covers For Your Delicate Surfaces

Many people are concerned about keeping certain surfaces clean after being cleansed. This is especially true with wood surfaces. To avoid having to re-clean stains from your wood surfaces and to create a comfier home atmosphere many people use coasters under drinking glasses.

This is a dual-purpose tip. Adding colorful or personalized coasters in your home not only saves your surfaces but they add a distinct flavor to your décor. A look that is especially appealing and natural right now is created with modern felt coasters. These coasters were originally used in beer gardens but can bring a distinct look of comfort to your home.

Wrapping Up

In keeping your home clean and comfortable you will need to exert some effort and carry out specific plans but we all want that kind of place to live. If you make it part of your weekly, monthly, or semi-annual routine you and your family will reap great benefits.