Grow Your Own Chilies In Your Kitchen Garden Easily – Know Benefits:

Kitchen Garden

As we all know, chilies are very important to add a great taste in our meal and it is also important for our body because they have a high concentration of vitamin C and antioxidants which helps in the nourishment of our body cells and antioxidants present in them protects you from harmful chronic diseases, for example, cancer, brain hemorrhage. It also creates heat in our body which is very useful in cold weather and also helps in reducing weight. That’s why it is always advisable to take a proper amount of chilies in a regular diet. These are some common benefits of consuming chilies.

If you like these benefits then you can easily purchase chilli seeds online or offline but those chilies may have harmful insecticides and pesticides on them. That’s why if you want pure chilies then you can organically grow them in your kitchen garden. Now, the question arises, how can we grow chilies in our kitchen garden? If you also have the same problem then you are at the right place, read this article carefully to solve all your doubts.

Here Is The List Of The Ways By Following Which You Can Grow Chilies In Your Kitchen Garden:

1. Start The Gardening Of Chillies At The Right Time:

Friends, if you want to grow chilies in your garden then the perfect time for the gardening of chilies is the first quarter of the year (Jan To March) if you sow the chilli seeds in January and February then the seed will get a sufficient time to grow. If you miss the golden time of growing the chilies then don’t worry you can grow them throughout the year. If you are planning to grow the chilies then you should add perlite in the soil because it helps in increasing the drainage capacity of the soil. If this step helps you then don’t waste your time go online and purchase the best chilli seeds at an affordable price. 

2. Prepare The Chilli Seeds Before Sowing:

Take a paper towel and spread all the chilli seeds on it. Now sprinkle the water droplets on them and then pleat the paper towel. You have to repeat this process for 7-8 days. You have to sprinkle the water every day otherwise the seed will damage because of lack of moisture. Do not keep the paper towel in a cool place. It is a proper method of preparing the chilli seeds but if you do not have enough time for gardening then don’t worry there is an alternate method that you can follow. 

Alternate Method: You can omit the whole process which I mentioned above. Take the seeds and wash them properly with water and then sow the seeds into the soil at a depth of about 3-4cms. You should water the chilli seeds on alternate days but do not expose the chilli seeds in the winds and strong sun. Do not do gardening with bare hands because sometimes the seeds may have thorns which will harm your hands, and wash your hands with hand wash after gardening. If this step adds some value in your gardening and if you want to grow chilies in your own kitchen garden then purchase the green chili seeds online

3. Soil And Germination:

As we discussed above, the best soil for the growth of chilli seeds is airy soil. Watering the soil is important but overwatering will destroy the roots of the plant. You can easily see the two leaves in the pot after 7-8 days of sowing the seeds. If you want a perfect growth of chilli seeds then you should expose them in medium sun rays for 5-6 hours a day. If you want to purchase green chili seeds then you can easily purchase them online in the comfort of your home. 

4. Flowering:

It is a very important step in the growth of the plant, once the stem of the plant reaches a height of 10 inches then you will see a beautiful white colour flower on it. This flower will stay on the plant for 8-10 days and then fall off. After the fall of the flower, you can easily see a beautiful chili at that place. Friends, if you want chili which has more nutritional value than an ordinary chili then you can grow hybrid chili in your kitchen garden. If you want to purchase the f1 hybrid chili seeds then you can easily purchase them online at a great price. 

5. Pluck The Chili To Cook:

When the size of the chilies reaches 6-7 cm long, then you have to pluck it from the plant and use it in cooking. If you want very spicy chili then you have to pluck it when it reaches the height of 9-10 cm because the level of spiciness of the chili is dependent on the size of chili.

By following these five steps, you can easily grow chili in your kitchen garden.