5 Best Adventure Ideas For 2022

With the travel and tourism market opening up, there are reasons to rejoice for travelers and the vacation industry. One can now step out to re-explore the mountains, breathe in the fresh air, go sand-surfing at the beaches, and flock to popular tourist attractions.

There are amazing adventures and destinations you and your family can set your eyes on in 2022. If you wish to take your travel to the next level and return home with fantastic tales, here are five travel adventure spots to plan and book right away.

1. Arapahoe Basin for Unparalleled Rock-Climbing

A climbing route comprising metal rungs and cables is not for the faint-hearted. Arapahoe Basin in Colorado is a rocky treat to the adventure-seekers who like to explore the cliffs themselves. The mammoth climb begins at the base of the Rocky Mountains cliffs and soars 1,200 feet to a 13,000-foot summit.

The Colorado landscape gives you a colorful perspective of green moss and pink and purple plants. Tourists new to the rock-climbing experience can climb the rocky cliffs with a guide. You may bump into high-alpine mountain goats on your way up the rocky terrain, but they won’t harm you. Whether you are an experienced hiker who can undertake this journey alone or a novice, ensure carrying all vital equipment. Moreover, select from the best subscription box for outdoors in 2022 containing valuable items, such as manuals, outdoor gear, and emergency supplies.

Overcome the fear, and clip your harness from one cable to the next as you go.

2.  Namibia for Your Next Great Safari

Namibia (South Africa) is a tourist destination that brings to mind images of deserts, immense dunes, and thirsting mountains. But the Caprivi Strip in the extreme north is a green wildlife-rich territory. Chobe, Zambezi, Kwando rivers create a perfect animal habitat. Nkasa Rupara National Park in eastern Namibia is an adventurous, undeveloped destination. It is Namibia’s largest protected wetland and is home to the largest buffalo population. You will also come across predators in the park, such as lions, leopards, and hyenas. A ranger station and tented lodge have made it more tourism accessible.

Mahango Game Park in the west part of Namibia treats you to wetlands and mopane forests. Large herds of elephants, hippos, crocodiles, and antelope roam here. The endangered black rhinos in Etosha National Park and the ethereal landscapes of Namib-Naukluft National Park help you encounter these agile animals up close.

3. Palau for Swim-With-Sharks Adventure

Palau is an island paradise in the western Pacific Ocean. It is a premier diving destination in the world. As soon as visitors land in Palau, they must sign a Palau Pledge to be eco-conscious, with a promise “the only footprints I shall leave are those that will wash away.” Palau has banned shark finning and reef-toxic sunscreen in its waters, taking their pledge ahead. This helps promote a more pristine environment for the divers to come and enjoy.

Palau is also at work to become the world’s first carbon-neutral tourist destination. Eighty percent of Palau’s waters are recognized as one of the richest marine ecosystems on the planet and preserved at the 183,000 square miles Palau National Marine Sanctuary. You will come close to 700 coral species and over 1300 fish species, including dazzling shark species, such as grey reef, blacktip, hammerhead, and manta rays. Discover more such undersea wonders of Palau on snorkel and kayak tours.

4.  Lake Baikal for the Deepest Lake Experience

The Russian Lake Baikal is the world’s deepest lake. It is so big; it makes its own scope. The lake holds 20 percent of the world’s unfrozen fresh water supply. Come winters, you can travel to Lake Baikal’s ice on a horse-drawn sleigh, and best enjoy the mineral hot springs marking the lakeshore. Take a hovercraft over the lake ice or drive in an ice truck with the heater high.

The massive lake is also in serious trouble, with the pollution threats and large-scale tourism development. Hiking the trail is a planet-friendly way to spot the animal species, such as the Nerpa, the world’s only freshwater seal, found nowhere else but at Lake Baikal.

5. Granada for a Taste of Culture and History

Granada is one of the charming cities in Spain. It attracts tourists every year for its must-visit traditional neighborhoods. The monuments and enclaves create a fascinating halo of the captivating place. The Flamenco show performed traditionally is a must-attend. Besides, the Alhambra (red fort) is Europe’s architectural jewel, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well.

It is the geometric beauty on display that is fascinating for families. You will find intricate mosaics, ornamental vaulting, arabesques showing you Alhambra’s mathematical flow. The Palace of the Lions is one of Alhambra’s three royal palaces featuring 12 stone lions spitting water from their mouths. Granada is picturesque in every way.


Dive, climb, hike, make the most of 2022 by traveling through lesser-seen adventure-filled destinations.