6 Gift Ideas for People Who Love Arts and Crafts

Searching for the ideal gift for the crafter in your life is often easier said than done. You’ll have to consider a number of factors, such as the style, skill level, and free time of the recipient, to find an ideal crafting gift. If you’re looking for a few gifts that would benefit virtually any crafter, here are a few suggestions that will delight the crafty artist in your life.

The Adults and Crafts Crate

This gift is ideal for a crafter who is just getting started with the hobby. Each month, your loved one will receive craft supplies and instructions for completing a new artistic project. Your relative will look forward to a new craft and could gain a sense of accomplishment from completing craft projects they can display in their homes. If a crafter you love wants to know how to make anything from plant holders to wall art, a craft subscription could be a well-appreciated present.

Artist Board

Give your favorite crafter this digital painting board to help them come up with the inspiration for their newest piece of art. The board can provide hours of relaxation for the recipient and allows them to paint just by dipping the brush in water and placing it on the screen. This technologically advanced crafting gift is an ideal present for artists of all ages.

Yarn Tree Kit

This therapeutic crafting gift allows recipients to use yarn in various colors to create a yarn tree that is truly one of a kind. The kit comes with instructions but crafters are free to use the textures and colors that will make the yarn tree stand out in its own way. Crafters can also adjust the size of the yarn tree(s) so they can be used as home decor in the form of art that can be tacked to the wall or a centerpiece for a living room or kitchen table.

Sewing Bag or Basket

If you have a loved one who enjoys sewing, a sewing basket is a practical gift that will make it easier for them to complete their scarves, dresses, hats, or socks. Choose a bag that already contains all the supplies your crafter needs, including thread, scissors, a thimble, measuring tape, needles, and a pincushion. You can make the gift extra special by customizing the basket or bag with the crafter’s initials.

Cricut Explore 3

The Cricut has long been one of the devices that crafters know and trust. If your relative loves making customized t-shirts and mugs or enjoys making wall art for a classroom or kids’ playroom, the Cricut Explore is the perfect gift. The machine makes it easy to cut through patterns whether you’re using card stock, vinyl, iron-on decals, and more than 100 additional materials. This machine also makes it easier to create word art for the walls or doors, and it’s the perfect device to create tailor-made t-shirts to celebrate special gatherings like family reunions, retirement parties, and graduations.


If you have a loved one who enjoys writing letters and sending invitations, you can enhance their craft collection with stationery gifts. Card stock in a variety of colors, along with elaborate stickers and stencils for creating page borders make great gifts for the crafter in your family who is always organizing get-togethers or creating customized gifts for loved ones. You may also want to include calligraphy pens or notepads with the recipient’s name in your gift basket to supply your loved one with creative ways to send personal notes or make a to-do list. Stationery can also include embossed napkins that commemorate a special event, and you can order these customized napkins as part of the celebration decor if you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation, wedding, or anniversary of a crafter in your life.

These gifts will make your friend or loved one feel appreciated, and many of these gifts are just what the recipient may need to complete a craft project. Asking your family member about the types of crafts they enjoy creating and paying attention to some of the craft supplies you’ve seen them working with can help you find the perfect craft gift for a special occasion in their lives.