Floor waste to prevent water ponding

A central drain connected to other waste water fixtures, such as the shower or bath, is the floor waste. The entire waste water is sent to the sewer pipe through this primary drain, which has a grate positioned at floor level. So that any water on the floor does not collect but instead drains down the drain, the floor should slope toward the floor waste. Sewage may emerge from one of these drains if a pipe beneath the house becomes clogged.

The shape of typical drains is either circular or square, and their metal bodies may not be attractive. The tile that was previously used to cover the remaining floor is used, and a small portion of it is removed to provide a receding opening for any water or other trash. This increases the appeal of the bathroom or wherever the grate is positioned by giving the impression of a fully tiled floor without the drain at first glance. Similar to this, a drain in a pool may seem out of place, but if it is replaced with an inset floor waste grate, it will appear as though the pool’s entire surface is tiled, giving it a nicer appearance.

When the floor waste gully releases waste water

Although sewage from a floor waste is not intended to exit through a blocked drain, it may do so if the overflow relief gully (ORG) outside has been hidden or is not placed properly. If there is a blockage between the fixture and the ORG under the home, it may potentially overflow. Due to the fact that the tree root entry managed to completely evade the ORG, it may also result in floor waste gully overflow.

Different types of waste from smart tiles:

Insert Square Tile Drain

Traditional drainage methods include square tile insert drains, which are different types of point drains. Square tile floor waste systems are the apparent solution to draining wet areas with small tiles.

Smart Strip Drain Tile

A linear drain, also known as a smart tile strip drain, is a canal that gathers water over its whole length. They can be positioned at the edges of a space, for an even more covert drainage solution that maximises the aesthetic value of your home, as they don’t require centre placement.


  • Manufacturer: Masters
  • Shower rods and waste set
  • single-use product

Why insert floor waste grates can be purchased?

They provide one basic utility of giving a luxury and appealing finish to a drain. This quality can be used to impress guests or clients, etc. without putting too much strain on your pocket. They are affordable luxury touches which you can give your bathroom or shower if you are extremely particular about the looks of a drain and how it affects the entire aesthetic of your bathroom.

Advantages of Auswave Products’ Smart Floor Wastes

We take great satisfaction in our exceptional workmanship and premium materials at Auswave Products, a firm known for its clever innovations. We can custom construct to any need because to our twenty years of experience, and we like coming up with innovative answers to drainage problems. Because our stainless steel is ASSDA qualified and GreenTag certified, your drains will last for a very long time while maintaining their aesthetic appeal and helping you save money and effort.