Dubai Courts are responsible to implement fairness and justice

Dubai Courts

Dubai Courts

Dubai Courts are responsible to implement fairness and justice all around Dubai. They adhere to precision and promptness to handle various lawsuits and litigations coming to them. Besides, they are also responsible for the execution of judgments and decision-making regarding various pending court cases in Dubai. They can give away judicial orders. The courts may be involved in authenticating the documents, evidence, witnesses, and claims made. Dubai Courts have adapted to the upgraded technology and latest techniques to facilitate fair and just treatment in society as a whole. They strive in achieving public satisfaction and speedy justice for everyone living in the society. The sole motive is the welfare of the society that is done rather in a more systematic manner. Dubai Courts are completely Digital and helping the people in delivering the quick services. The digital system also creates a responsibility that users do have to choose or use the modern applications and devices. Dubai Courts do offer quick verdict services and quick judgement services. Legal Services in Dubai are also most trusted.

Beginning: A Land Mark

Dubai Courts came into being in 1970 which is an absolute mission to value justice, equality, and independence. They are pioneers in the court process with teamwork, excellence, and ingenuity. Dubai courts don’t run on their own. They rely on well-trained, competent, and specialized nationals.  They make sure that the proper court procedures are followed to seek justice. Courts also utilize the up to date technology and innovative techniques to serve the ultimate goal. They offer a myriad of legal services to society as a whole which includes civil authentication, labor, legitimate appeals, legal authentication, and much more. They also make sure accredited lawyers and attorneys become part of the judicial system.

Dubai Courts also have an official website that is purely designed to offer electronic services in today’s digital world. This allows either of the parties involved in a legal process to witness the details of the legal cases online. This also assists them to keep a stern follow-up regarding the court cases. A Dubai court consists of three different levels including the Court of Appeal, Court of First Instance, and the Court of Cassation. The Court of First Instance and Court of Appeal are the local or the federal court of Dubai while the contrary; the Court of Cassation is the local court.  All of them have three divisions including civil division, criminal division, and Sharia division.

All of the various judicial entities have different purposes. They are all responsible to determine the entire applicable laws in Dubai.  They take up minor to major legal cases of any nature. The civil division most commonly hears the civil legal cases and claims while the criminal division listens to the criminal-related cases that may arise anywhere in Dubai.

Sharia Division

The Sharia Division mostly deals with civil matters related to Muslims in Dubai and the majority of them revolve around family matters like inheritance and divorce issues. The Sharia division generally hears the cases involving the Muslims in Dubai. Whereas, non-Muslims are expected to respect Sharia laws and conduct accordingly.

There are labor courts and tribunals in Dubai. They exclusively deal with the disputes related to the employees and employers. On the other hand, property courts are existing in Dubai that purely take up the real estate and property-related disputes.

Justice for Every One

You can see that Dubai and United Arab Emirates, is full of people living, in the country from all over the world. Recent amendments in Law, have brought an amazing changes, therefore now the expatriates can choose the Law of their home countries. It is a very big advancement. People should have confidence in Dubai Courts and UAE Justice System, that even an expatriates vs an Emirati, will be treated with justice. Expatriates are provided the justice over the local citizen. This is the beauty of UAE and its judicial system.

Apart from that, the lawyers or the advocates in UAE are the real professionals, who are trustworthy, most trusted and most educated. They know about the law very well, professional mannerism very well, and how to produce the results very well. UAE Lawyers are very much popular in Middle East.