4 Softwares You Can Utilize as a Real Estate Agent

There are many options for real estate closure software on the market. Resolution software and solutions are available to real estate lawyers, paralegals, and closing agents to facilitate the closing process, streamline results, and ensure continued adherence to TRID. However, not all real estate law remedies are the same, and not all IT platforms can accommodate the same range of scenarios. To ensure you’re utilizing the most suitable real estate closing system for the company, it’s essential to thoroughly assess the program’s features and functionality to determine if they meet your demands.


There is no doubt that the products and services offered by SoftPro facilitate the real estate closing procedure. The company is at the head of its field for a good reason; its full suite of goods delivers first-rate support and supplies all the necessary paperwork and computations. Their high-quality products are user-friendly and comprehensive, but SoftPro primarily serves the closing and title industry because they are made for companies and individuals who deal with closings regularly. SoftPro’s increased price is understandable, given the value of its advanced features and high volume processing capacity.

The “basic” edition of SoftPro is already expensive, and businesses that handle frequent closings usually need additional features and add-ons. Most real estate attorneys don’t need the extensive features and functionalities offered by SoftPro because they conduct fewer closings annually. There is a long list of SoftPro modules; you must buy them all separately. While this is an awesome feature for end customers, it increases the cost of the real estate closing system over the baseline of $150/mo. per user + $399 setup. The cost for the first year of service, excluding upgrades or customization, comes to $2199. Compared to title companies and similar businesses, real estate attorneys often handle a far lower volume of closings, making this expenditure justifiable.


Like SoftPro, RamQuest is a highly adaptable closing system designed specifically for headline, settlement professionals, and businesses. The software has all the capabilities and integrations necessary for real estate lawyers to conduct closings; however, many of the functions and computations required for the closing are unnecessary for most attorneys.

RamQuest markets its wares as “unique,” “not cookie-cutter,” and the company has dedicated an entire webpage and white paper to how to use its software. It’s everything a tiny real estate closing law business doesn’t need in a technology platform: intricate, tailor-made, costly, and challenging to execute. According to the information shown in their website’s “features” section, a hefty “set-up” cost is also to be expected.

Request’s closing software pricing is in the higher price range and is not publicly available online, so it’s safe to assume that low cost is not a selling factor. Attorneys handling a modest volume of closings may not be able to justify the high cost of Request compared to other options that provide similar functionality for much less money.


Over the past 35 years, Easysoft Legal Software has been developing software specifically for small and solo real estate legal practices. Our products’ pricing reflects that they were developed with lawyers in mind rather than title corporations. Easysoft is a real estate closing software concept for busy attorneys who still wish to provide closing services to their clients without outsourcing the work. Easysoft’s real estate software is ideal for attorneys who require automation and features but don’t want to deal with complex, expensive solutions for services they seldom provide. With Easysoft Legal Software, you may receive a complete real estate closing system without any guesswork or ad hoc additions. You don’t need any technical knowledge to have it up and running in no time.

Legal professionals would be wise to invest in Easysoft’s real estate closing software. Our internet real estate closing software has everything a real estate settlement lawyer and their employees need to handle closings internally. Everything you need is included in one low fee, including auto-calculating HUD forms and a Closing Disclosure, electronic filing of 1099-S forms, ledger balance, title integration, and TRID compliance, to name a few features.

What’s more, the software’s pricing is reasonable for an attorney whose primary source of income does not come from closings. Since the system is so intuitive, we have made it accessible online so that you may use it from any computer or mobile device, regardless of location.


In the same way that not all IT systems can handle the same variety of use cases, not all real estate legal remedies are the same. Most real estate lawyers have no use for SoftPro’s many features and capabilities. RamQuest is a flexible closing system made for use by businesses and professionals involved in headlines and settlements. Real estate closure software from RamQuest is more expensive than the competition. Lawyers who don’t want to cope with intricate, pricey solutions will love Easysoft’s software. If you are a lawyer whose primary source of income isn’t closings, you will find RamQuest’s pricing fair.