Double shower head

There is a Mira double shower head to fit every bathroom since they are offered in our mixer, electric, and digital shower ranges. Our electric dual showers, like the Mira Azora Dual, are ideal for you if you want to conserve water even when taking a double shower. You can also turn on both of the showers simultaneously with one of our twin digital showers, like the Mira Mode. Our Mira Evoco Dual is the perfect option if you’re searching for a concealed shower with a mixer shower’s temperature control.

Showerheads with two heads

Let’s examine the parts of a dual showerhead system to comprehend how it functions.


Whether you can change the showerhead’s height depends on the mount type.


The showerhead’s ability to be adjusted for height, which affects the direction of the water flow, depends on the hose. Products made of stainless steel and chromium are robust. Since most shower heads have a universal fitting, installing one is simple even if your model has plumbing for the shower arm coming from your wall or ceiling.

The majority of shower heads contain a three-way water diverter. You can select between using the shower heads together or independently.

Special Features

Extra features are included in some dual variants. For instance, they have built-in LED lights that adjust their color based on the water’s temperature. Additionally, some models come with control panels that let you adjust between the various hues.

Models with pause options and massage settings are available. The heads allow you to pause the water flow when shaving, for example, which helps you conserve water. Showerheads may come with a touch-clean spray nozzle. Rubber nozzles like this make cleaning the shower head simple.


  • uses less water than most shower heads.
  • Easily cleaned
  • By using the pause setting, you can multitask.


  • Complex assembly
  • minimal water pressure
  • No hose is included

Key Characteristics of Dual Showers

  • Outstanding Shower Head Combinations
  • Systems with two shower heads are called dual shower heads.
  • The size and purpose of the shower heads might vary. A dual shower, for instance, can include a fixed rain shower head and a typical hand-held shower head.
  • Every shower head has a control for the spray settings. They are able to provide a variety of spray settings.

Switcher valve

Diverter valves are used in dual shower head systems to regulate water flow. Dual shower head diverter valves come in two different categories:

The handheld shower head bracket is typically included with the diverter. Important Dual Shower Features Excellent Shower Head Combinations