Car front glass replacement Ashok vihar: About auto glass and windshields

glass and windshields

Every car is manufactured using different types of parts and accessories. But one particular item that people give very less thought about is the ‘glass’ that surrounds them. It is used just about everywhere in your office, home, eyeglasses, ceramics such as dishes, toilets, TV screens, and your car! Auto glass does play an important role something you need to be aware of.

About Glass 

It can be stated to be the perfect combination of a couple of materials namely, potash, lime, and silicon dioxide (sand). You can come across specialty glasses created from other materials. However, the type that is being used commonly is soda-lime glass. It is composed of mainly these three materials! Doing some research will give you a better idea about car front glass replacement in Ashok vihar.

Commonly used glass types

There are two types of glasses that are commonly used, namely, tempered and annealed. These are basically the same types of products having undergone diverse manufacturing treatments. The purpose is to provide them with individual features. Such features have been designed to carry out certain functions. Getting to know them in detail will allow you to know which type of glass is used for your car’s windshield.

About Tempered glass

It is also referred to as ‘safety glass’. The reason is that this type of glass when impacted tends to shatter into tiny blocks in hundred pieces. It does not create long, knife-like, sharp-edged shards that otherwise could cause terrible wounds. Broken tempered glass generally breaks into small blocks such that it won’t cut human flesh. It is, for this reason, it is used in cars, commercial glass, windows, and sliding doors.

Annealed glass

This type of glass is generally used in kitchen windows and car windshields. It is quite natural for you to feel confused and want to know how come kitchen windows are used before the car driver! It might sound crazy. Annealed glass for the car windshield is laminated together using a strong plastic piece along with another glass piece to create a sandwich called laminated safety glass. The car front glass price is quite affordable.

Understanding a car’s windshield

The windshield that is used in your car generally will have three pieces, namely, one plastic and two glass! As the latter breaks, it tends to stick to plastic. You are likely to come across a shattered windshield that could hang together probably in a single big cracked piece. This, in turn, ensures the safety of the driver and the passengers alike ensuring no one gets injured by it.

Breaking tempered glass

Tempered glass is considered to be a tough material to break. A sharp object however can be used to break this type of glass. You are likely to come across advertisements on TV or the web that promotes a tool to escape during emergencies. This tool is rather a small hammer having a sharp point and is tough enough to break the tempered side window of the car.

The tempered glass manufacturing process

Tempered glass, when manufactured is similar to annealed glass. For ‘tempering’ purposes, it undergoes a heating process, thereby becoming resilient and tough. Then, the glass is quickly cooled, thus contracting its external part and forming a compressed outer layer. The entire glass piece comes under significant stress, the reason why it tends to explode if broken. Stress that gets released is so powerful that glass breaks, but into little chucks that are harmless.

What glass is used for your car’s windshield and why?

During the initial days, some cars were found to use this type of glass for their windshields. However, laminated safety glass was found to be a much better option, especially for the car’s front part. The reason is that even in major accidents when it gets broken, it is found to stay in its place. This way, there is no flying debris that could hurt the driver, passengers, or passersby.

Make the right selection

When replacing auto glass, remember the material does possess unique characteristics and has an interesting history something that other materials can hardly match. You need to know the type of glass that should be fitted in your car’s windshield. A safe one is always recommended as it helps protect precious lives from potential dangers and harm. You just cannot compromise on this particular aspect!