6 Best Gadgets Used in NHL

Ice hockey is a thrilling spectacle among North America’s most popular sports. The sport demands agility and quick reflexes, making it an exciting experience for viewers and players who want NHL picks.

But like any sport, it can also be dangerous. That’s why the National Hockey League (NHL) has implemented a list of safeguards and safety protocols that teams must adhere to. In a highly physical game, players must be appropriately equipped with the proper protection to be safe and perform at their best.

This blog will explore the six best gadgets used in the NHL sport.

Ice skates are the most critical and essential equipment for playing ice hockey. Ice skates get designed to provide control and grip on the ice for the players.

The blades of the ice skates get designed to dig into the ice and create traction so that skaters can have greater control and power when moving around on the ice.

Ice skate makers incorporate special features like the hinged heel, the rocker, the torsion bar, etc., to make the skates more flexible and provide greater power and control. The right size of an ice skate is critical to ensure it fits the player and offers optimum performance.

  • Helmet

A helmet is among the most critical pieces used in hockey and is mandatory for every player. It is essential to wear a helmet while playing hockey to protect the head from any impact or injury. Helmets also make it easier to see the other players and the puck.

Players may also use a helmet to show their team loyalty and affiliation.

  • Elbow Pads

Elbow pads are essential pieces of equipment used in ice hockey. They protect the elbows from getting injured by the puck or from contact with other players. Elbow pads come in different shapes and sizes and get designed to fit each player’s arms.

They must be snug but not too tight, as this can restrict movement. Elbow pads should also fit specific player positions.

Elbow pads come from various materials, including foam, plastic, metal, and leather. Each of these materials has different levels of durability and flexibility, which can depend on the level of hockey a player is playing.

No matter what the level, elbow pads should provide the player with adequate protection.

  • Hockey Sticks

Hockey sticks are essential pieces of equipment used in ice hockey. The most crucial part of any stick is the blade used to hit the puck, make passes, and shoot.

The stick’s shaft is also vital as it provides a platform to grip the stick and control it while playing. The sticks come in different sizes and shapes to fit the needs of other players.

The most critical thing to consider when buying a hockey stick is the right size. A stick should be the right length, between the shoulder and the waist, for the player to have the best control of their stick.

It is also essential to choose a stick with a good flex for the player’s skill level, as this will determine how easily the puck can get moved and how powerful the shots can be.

  • Shin Guard

Shin guards are protective equipment used in hockey to help protect the lower leg from pucks and sticks. The most important part of a shin guard is the padding, as this is what absorbs most of the impact from pucks and sticks.

Shin guards have straps and Velcro to keep them in place and should fit snugly around the leg.

  • Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads are essential equipment used in hockey to protect the upper torso of the player. They are designed to protect players against body checks, pucks, and sticks.

Shoulder pads come in various sizes and afford different levels of protection. Different players may require different levels of protection as well. For example, goaltenders may need more protection on their shoulders as they constantly have to make saves and may get targeted by opposing shots.

A defenseman may require more padding as they are more likely to be body-checking their opponents than other players.

When choosing shoulder pads, it is critical to get the right fit, as this can affect the player’s mobility and performance on the ice. Shoulder pads should be snug and provide enough movement without being too loose.


Overall, the six gadgets discussed in this blog are essential equipment that NHL players must use to be safe and successful in their sport. 

From the ice skates that provide players with grip and maneuverability, they need the helmet that protects a player’s head to the hockey stick that gives them maximum power and accuracy when shooting or passing.

These gadgets keep the NHL running and make it an entertaining and popular sport.