4 Tips for Balancing Home School With Fun Time

Home School

Homeschooling has become a much more popular term in recent years. While some families have always used this technique to educate their children, others have started doing so because they recognize the benefits of such an instructional approach. One issue, however, is that defining boundaries between work and play becomes difficult. In order to give your kids a holistically nurturing experience, learn how to create this important balance.

Make a Schedule

Allowing your kids to complete schoolwork whenever they want is likely to end up in chaos. Create a schedule for your children that they need to follow each school day. Plan out the times when they will complete lessons for each subject. Factor snacks, meals, and playtime into the schedule. Depending upon the age of your kids, you may also need to schedule a nap or two throughout the day. Do not allow for deviations from the schedule except for extenuating circumstances, such as illness.

Combine Fun and Learning

In order for your children to have an effective homeschool experience, you must follow a curriculum. Review the curriculum to see where there are allowances to combine fun and learning. For example, when your kids need to learn about certain flowers and insects for science, consider taking them to a local arboretum. You could go to a history museum or try out authentic cuisine at a restaurant to aid in other educational lessons. These types of experiences show your kids that learning can be fun too.

Create a Learning Space

If your kids are trying to do their homeschooling activities while the television is blaring in the bathroom or while they are surrounded by all of their favorite video games and toys, focusing is going to be difficult. Even when you don’t have a lot of space, you could set up a desk and a chair in a corner of the living room or den. Having a space that is solely dedicated to learning helps in establishing boundaries.

Schedule Days Off

Children attending public and private schools have days off, and you should allow your kids to have such a schedule as well. You might decide to follow the local public school calendar so that your children can play with their friends when they are both off. Even when your kids love learning and school, everyone needs a break.

Homeschooling is an option that more parents are pursuing these days. If your family is going to choose this educational route, make sure to balance schoolwork with downtime.