Ask a Divorce Attorney: 7 Frequently Asked Questions

Divorce Attorney

Are you wondering what getting a divorce is like in the Houston area? There are a few common questions that divorce attorneys get asked. Here are some answers that will help you prepare for your divorce.

Ask a Divorce Attorney in Houston: 7 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Should You Ask a Divorce Lawyer?

When you find a divorce lawyer that you think you’d like to work with, you and your lawyer will first sit down for a consultation. This gives you the chance to get to know each other, and it allows you to ask some important questions.

This includes questions like what the overall process might look like, as well as how your lawyer plans on keeping your information safe, and how you will be able to access your file. A good lawyer should be able to answer all your questions easily and accurately.

2. How Long Does a Divorce Take?

Divorces can vary greatly. Some divorces are over quickly and painlessly, with both former spouses staying on relatively good terms. Other divorces can possibly take years for everything to finally get sorted out.

It’s impossible to say right off the bat how long your particular divorce might end up taking. However, as long as both parties manage to come to a full agreement, uncontested divorces can take as little as 3 or 4 months. If you are going through a contested divorce, it might take longer.

3. How Do You Initiate a Divorce?

If you and your spouse would like to get divorced, there are a few initial steps that you will need to take. The first thing one of you will have to do is to file a petition for divorce. This will effectively kick-start the divorce process.

The person filling out the petition is known as the Petitioner, while the other party in the divorce is the Respondent. Once you have filed the petition, the Respondent will need to be notified either by being served or by having them sign a Waiver of Service.

4. What Are the Grounds for Divorce in Texas?

To get a divorce, you must have grounds or reason for this divorce. The legal grounds for divorce will vary from state to state. There are two different types of grounds for divorce. The first is a no-fault divorce. This means neither party did anything wrong but neither of you get along well enough for the marriage to continue.

The other type of grounds for divorce is at-fault divorce. This covers a variety of issues like adultery, living in separate properties for at least three years, a conviction of a felony, and abandonment. Cruel treatment and abuse are also grounds for at-fault divorce.

5. Can You Get a Divorce Without an Attorney?

It’s possible to go through the process of a divorce without hiring a divorce lawyer. You have the legal right to represent yourself in court. However, this is something you should think twice about.

A layperson doesn’t necessarily have the same knowledge of the complexities of the court system that a lawyer has. If you choose to represent yourself, you may forfeit some of your rights unknowingly. When you work with a qualified divorce attorney in Sugar Land, TX, your lawyer will make sure that you are represented. They’ll also help you protect your rights.

6. How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

There’s no denying that divorces can be pretty expensive ordeals. Before you jump into something that’s likely going to cost you a fair amount of money, it’s not to know what to expect in terms of costs.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to put a price range on any divorce. Each divorce is different, and ultimately it comes down to how much time is necessary for both parties to figure out the details. Some divorces as fast and easy and cost only a few thousand dollars. Other divorces take much longer and can go up to five figures in cost.

7. What Factors Go Into Child Custody?

If a couple divorcing has children, special considerations need to be taken as to who gets custody of the kids. Many people assume that the mother automatically gets custody of the kids. But really, it comes down to what arrangement is going to work best for the children.

There are several things that a judge will take into consideration, including the relationship that each parent has with the child, the general health of each parent, what each parent’s financial situation looks like, and what the emotional and physical needs of the children are.

Going through a divorce can be stressful, but knowing the answers to commonly asked questions can help to prepare you for yours. With this information under your belt, you’ll be able to navigate your divorce more easily. And remember, your divorce lawyer is always there to support you.