8 Spare Room Ideas to Make The Most Of Your Space

Spare Room

There is nothing more frustrating than having a spare room in your home and not making the most of the space. Furthermore, there are several things you can do to transform that room.

It is easy to end up with a spare room when it used to have something in it. Instead of you considering selling your property because you believe you need to downsize, we will take you through the different things you can do to your spare room. 

Many businesses allow their staff to work from home some days during the week. There is more reason to get a home office. Transforming a small empty room into a home office is an idea for those who work from home. 

With your home office, there are many things you will need. It would include a desk, ideally with a set of drawers. You would also need shelving in this office for folders or documents. Ensure you have a comfortable chair as you are sitting on this for a long time. We also advise you to have a desk lamp in your room so you can see what you are doing. 

  • Guest Room

If you have guests throughout the year, we advise you to turn it into a guest room. There doesn’t need to be much in this room either. Simple things like a small wardrobe, with drawers and a bed, will all do the job. Place bedside tables next to each side of the bed as well. Not only will your guests feel more comfortable staying at your house but so will you. Add some wall decoration to make it more homely. 

  • Build A Walk In Wardrobe

Time to start thinking about yourself. Do you find it hard to find space for clothes? Or does your partner take up too much space? A walk-in wardrobe would be a great idea and stop those little arguments you and your partner have. Building a walk-in wardrobe is very simple. You do not need to overthink the furniture in this room. 

  • Home Library

If you are an avid reader then you would appreciate this room. Additionally, if you have books lying around your home, it is time to find a suitable place for them to live. A home library is to relax without anyone bothering you and shutting out other sounds. 

  • Home Cinema

Up next is something that many of us dreamed of as a child. If you have a spare room with plenty of space for a seating area and a large TV screen, you can make the dream come true. Again, another great room for escaping the world and enjoying some downtime. Plus, you don’t need much furniture in this room. 

Just a couple of sofa chairs with cup holders. Then your large television with surround sound and dimmer lights. After that, all you need to find is your favourite box set or film series and have the full Sunday to yourself. 

  • Home Gym

As you may know, a gym subscription can be expensive. Furthermore, exercising around other people might put you off from going to the gym. However, if you have a home gym you don’t need to worry about being too busy. If you have the money for creating a home gym then this can be a good investment. One thing you must be aware of is gym equipment can be expensive so be prepared to pay large amounts of money. 

  • A Room For Your Pets

For those who own pets, this one’s for you. Making the most of your space is by giving your pets a room as well. A nice warm bedroom which they can lay in at night or when out of the house is nothing but a fantastic investment for them. All you need are the things you already have such as the beds for the pets and their water and food bowls. 

  • The Man Cave

It is a room that every man wants at some point in life, usually during the mid-life crisis phase. The man cave is a room they want to go and escape from the real world and just relax. All they want to do is put their feet up and watch their favourite sports team or have a couple of drinks with their friends who also want to escape the real world. 

To Conclude

There are many things you can do to your spare room and once you decide on what type of room you want it to be, you can then start thinking about decorating it. It would include the wall paint/wallpaper, the flooring and the decoration for the windows. The best thing about all of these is that your choices are endless with colours. Then once decorated, purchase some luxury cushion covers to add a bit of style to your home.