5 Qualities That Make You a Better Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Students and enthusiasts growing up in the twenty-first century have an incredible advantage over the older generations. The access to information makes it so much easier to peep into the lives of professionals and get an idea of what a certain profession looks like from the inside than it was before. However, the insights you get about the data analysts usually pertain to the roles and responsibilities and the required skill sets. What we often overlook is the fact that every single profession needs a specific mental makeup, that is if you want to be brilliant at it. Let us look at what data analysts have to say about their mental makeup, or the psychological qualities that keep them going.

Self-learning ability

Data analytics is a vast subject, much like theoretical physics. It is unlikely that someone will teach you everything during the course of your analytics training. Your success depends on how well you can teach yourself. You will have to go through case-studies by yourself; you will need to look at how others have approached a certain problem. A lot of research and analysis will be integral to your growth as an analyst.

Moreover, when you are on the job it is quite possible that your company uses a proprietary software that you have never worked with. Different domains and different goals will require you to adapt to new situations. Hence, the ability to teach yourself is crucial.

High tolerance for frustration

You will often fail while working on predictive models. You will have to digest the idea that a lot of your efforts can turn out to have been futile. You will have to start over with a different approach. You put your heart and soul into a language and then all of a sudden your company starts functioning in a different language. These things will take place during your professional career as a data analyst. Your tolerance for frustrating situations will help you succeed.

Being a team person

Even if you are working remotely on your data analytics job you will have to deal with a lot of people. Data analysts can have messages, emails, meeting invites, flying their way throughout the day. You need to find an efficient and effective way of dealing with all these people. You may need to communicate with a client to get access to their data, or engage in a lot of internal communication regarding tasks and projects. So, communications is one of the core skills for a data analyst. Data analytics courses in Bangalore are easily the best in India, but even there you do not see a lot of attention going towards communications and that is understandable. So, you are pretty much on your own.

Patience, a lot of it

Mid level and senior level analytics jobs pay very well. But it takes a little time to achieve that. While data analytics jobs pay better than average IT jobs, they might not make you rich overnight. Hard Work, perseverance, and patience, are key to success in data analytics like any other field.