5 Low-Maintenance Solutions to Make Your Home Look New

The recent continuous technological advancements have greatly influenced home maintenance. Every time we turn around, new sophisticated development is designed to reduce human manpower, given the unrelenting recognition a home needs. The building materials industry has continued to improve on more durable and low-maintenance products to eradicate the time we spend on repairs. Below are five low-maintenance advanced building development that will leave your home enhanced so you can spend more time doing things you enjoy most.

Begin With The Floor

One thing in our house which we come into contact with the most is the floor and will get dirty the fastest. Therefore, it is important to have a durable and well-drained floor that ensures your house looks outstanding and easy to clean.

Stained concrete floors with a protective sealer are the most common floors. It has minimal seams and a nonporous seal, making it easy to sweep and exceedingly impervious to any spillage. Another excellent floor option is a luxury vinyl tile in a wood-look plank. This is a hardwood type of floor and is easy to sweep and well-drained

Authentic Limewash Finish

The outlook of your house also needs to look outstanding, and this can be done by incorporating a limewash finish and an easy-to-apply coat of paint that leaves your outside walls hard not to notice and durable. The lime washed brick has a charming Old World feel and a freshly painted look.

The good thing about this is that this finish is removable, thus saving you the stress of deciding the color you want to apply. After application, the paint has been designed to be washed off within the first two days, and it can easily be touched up due to the flat finish.

Limewash finish has low maintenance and patinas over time as limewash calcifies to the brick chemically reacts and bond, thus becoming like a rock. The resulting hard wall allows moisture to evaporate and collaborates well with the surface. Additionally, this wall does not peel, flake off or lose its color depth. It guarantees patina based on the weather elements, and you can always repaint whenever you want.

Use Metal Roofing

Metal roofs consist of steel, aluminum, or copper, and steel is the standard metal roofing used coated with zinc. Using metal roofs significantly reduced maintenance costs and repairs as metal roofs are less prone to attack by harsh weather conditions and durable. Metal roofing provides tough roofing with products that mimic stale clay tiles and wood shakes. Additionally, metal roofing is an effective fire blocker that means having a metal roof in a fire-prone area counts as a discount on the homeowner insurance.

Metal roofs have a comprehensive warranty of up to 50 years, and the replacement cycle is up to three times that of asphalt shingles. Improved metal roofs like the baked-on enamel finish with an undercoating preventing rust have a lifetime warranty. Also, the roof won’t crack; thus, you will not scoop tiny granules out of the gutter every spring.

Use Fibreglass

Fiberglass windows are highly durable and resistant as they have been specifically made to withstand extreme weather and heat. Their strong and durable frames are very rigid thus do not expand or contract during weather changes. Fiberglass is moisture and rot-resistant and provides good thermal insulating properties.

Fiberglass comes pre-finished and is cheaper as compared to quality wood windows. When you use fiberglass, you will get value for your money as they are so stable and do not wrap events during extreme temperatures. The seams are bonded together and do not separate, leaving no gaps; hence repairs are non-existent. Fiberglass warranty runs from ten to twenty years, including the glass and the glass seal.

Choose Furniture With Storage

Well-designed storage will help keep your home uncluttered. A thoughtfully designed storage will go a long way in improving the shape and function of your interior spaces. Always remember to consider storage when choosing your furnishes.

A low-maintenance strategic development can help you transform your home and boost your quality of life. Using the above tips, you will transform your home into your dream house with excellent value for money.