4 Unavoidable Benefits of Pursuing an MBA from a Reputed Organization

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A million-dollar question that whirls inside your brain and makes you stress (like you stress when typing ‘write my essay’ in Google search bar) over your income or stress over the loans required to finance two years of B-school- Is the MBA program worth your time and cost? Well, yes, if you are prepping to make a quick-witted entry in the competitive business world of the time.

Then there is this pressing question to consider- why is the crowd inclined towards pursuing this degree regardless of the money crunch that this degree offers? Is it the bank balance, the reputation, or the license to survive in this complex and uncertain globe?

So, what do you wish to do with an MBA certificate added to your list of other achieved milestones?

Want to feed your mind with more information? Stay with us for a few more minutes. Here, we have stated a few top reasons to study for a business administration degree. Read on to know them.

MBA is the trial run before the real business run

An MBA program with branching projects, case studies, and assignments allows students to practice business problems and solve real-time organizational issues while pursuing their management programs. This also helps students grow their creativity and decision-making skills and has a long-lasting impact on their careers and lives.

The premier business schools worldwide offer a platform where learners can participate with case study competitors. These programs give exposure to students who want to taste the real-life experiences with the established personnel in the field. These, in turn, provide an excellent opportunity for B-school students to check if they can make any better contributions to the problems in question.

This makes an MBA program worth money and time.

MBA gives access to a comprehensive business network

As an MBA student, you encounter fantastic networking opportunities. The program showers you with the chance to interact with teaching staff, fellow students, and professors (business personalities with excellent management skills and experiences). And this context also allows you to work progressively and grow your industry management skills.

Ultimately, you have access to the extensive alumni business network of that specific MBA program. Your acquaintances will give you an overview of the organizational ecosystem. You can reflect on big business problems and various other global affairs and events.

MBA reduces your career risk to a great extent

Success in an industry that exclusively comprises people from a particular culture is hard to get. It can be unpredictable and equally dangerous to be successful in a network like this. Nevertheless, many pre-MBA experts find themselves in this situation. Suppose a project turns out to be unsuccessful, and your mentor selects you as a scapegoat. As a result, you might develop a deplorable reputation within the professional network.

Your company loses $100M, and your mentor takes the blame on the deal rather than blaming you- I hope you do not tame these kinds of thoughts?

By acquiring a diverse network like the one you can establish in an MBA degree, you can add a safety cover to your career.

MBA helps you win promotions to leadership roles

MBA courses provide education in leadership management and provide you with a chance through experiential educational programs to get leadership experience in a safe, educational environment. In another world, learners will learn about leadership skills on the job where they would be monitored. However, getting a learning experience in leadership by failing on the job can cost you dollars (in terms of reputation and effort).

And if you cannot be an immediate success, you will probably have to receive mediocre performance applauds like ‘Meets Expectation’, in your primary role as a manager. This kind of applaud sounds harmless in the first place, but if you have worked in a big organization, you will know that this kind of ratings will stick with your forever. This, especially, can make it more challenging for you to step up to more prominent roles. This can question your ability to perform as a manager, and this is a very costly way of getting a business education. It is comparatively easier to stay on the fast track than to step away and get back on.

Foreign countries offering MBA degrees

  • In the US – 102,100 USD/year
  • In Canada – 99,800 USD/year
  • In Australia – 98,400 USD/year
  • In Singapore – 82,700 USD/year
  • In the UK – 92,400 USD/year
  • In Switzerland – 123,500 USD/year
  • In Germany – 77,200 USD/year
  • In France – 98,500 USD/year
  • In Italy – 86,400 USD/year

Countries with the most affordable MBA programs;

  • Finland – 0 EUR only for EU&EEA students
  • Sweden – 0 EUR only for EU&EEA students
  • France – 0 – 9,000 EUR/year for all international students
  • Austria – 0 – 10,000 EUR/year for all international students
  • Germany – 0 – 9,000 EUR/year for all international students

MBA programs that lead to the highest salaries:

  • Consulting
  • Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Packaged Goods

Parting thoughts,

An MBA program can offer you many benefits, especially when you pursue it from a renowned B-school. Depositing a high salary in your bank account, landing a management position, establishing a concrete professional network, and eventually becoming your own boss are a few admirable perks of studying for an MBA degree.

So, set your goals straight and start hustling towards achieving your dream. All the best!

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