4 Signs Your Heater is About to Give Out

As the weather begins to cool down, your thoughts might be turning to your furnace. Even if you live in a place where you get warm weather most of the year, those colder nights can be hard to get through with a heater that’s on its last leg. You definitely don’t want to be caught in the dead of winter without any heat, either.

If you suspect that your heater might be struggling to work properly, do not put off calling for a technician to come out and service it. The longer you wait, the worse the problem could become. If your furnace is experiencing any of the following symptoms, it is in major need of repair and should be looked at immediately. Here are a few signs and symptoms of necessary heater repair to look out for.

Air That Feels Lukewarm

When you turn on the heater, is the air coming out of your vents kind of cool? Is the temperature in your home hardly holding steady wherever you set it? If so, then your heater needs servicing soon. Lukewarm air means that there is not enough power in the furnace to sufficiently heat your home, and its power will weaken the longer you let it go. In addition, your unit will try to work harder to compensate for the lackluster heat, which could lead to a need for repair sooner rather than later.

New, Bizarre Noises

Are you hearing new, odd noises coming from your furnace while it is kicking on and running? In a normal, functioning heater system, the sound of air rushing out of the vents should be gentle, almost like a light rushing wind on a summer’s day. If your furnace is louder than usual, this can be a cause for concern. Know your furnace, though. Is it older? Does it have a lot of house to heat up? Keep this in mind if your system has always made some sort of noise.

Some of the most troubling, new noises you could potentially hear are bangs, rattles, clicks, squeaks, and squeals. No matter the make or model, your furnace has an intricate series of components that have to work together to function, but these noises are a good way to tell that the furnace is on the fritz, especially if they’re new. Keep in mind as well that these noises can crop up no matter what time of year.

Heating Bills Increasing

If your heating bills are going up without a bump in rates from your service provider, then you should see about calling for heater repair. Increased heating bills could mean that your furnace’s efficiency is wearing down, and you could end up paying a lot of money for said increased bills as well as in eventual repairs. Double-check with your provider on your rates and try to track what times you tend to use your furnace. Knowing this information can help you discern whether or not your furnace is breaking down, or if your rates have simply changed.

Dust Everywhere

Is your home looking dustier than usual? Are your rooms needing to be dusted more often? Watch your vents as the heat kicks on and take note as to whether any dust bursts out of them when the air blows out. Dust doesn’t always mean that your furnace is nearly busted, but a solid cleaning and a new furnace filter are in order to help improve the heater’s efficiency.

Don’t put off getting your furnace serviced. With winter fast on the approach, it is best to be prepared no matter what. Having a functional heater will keep your heating bills lower and your home feeling all the more comfortable.