3 Things You May Not Know How to Clean

An average American family invests six hours weekly in cleaning. This fact applies regardless of work schedule. People value tidiness as staying in a tidy house feels quite blissful and comforting. Tidiness gives a house an imposing and soul-lifting ambiance which is exceptionally good for maintaining positive vibrations and peace of mind. But unfortunately, there is unequivocal evidence that during cleaning, attention is always paid only to high traffic areas and frequently used equipment. There are things and areas at home which most people don’t even know need cleaning, or if they know, they probably don’t know how to do it. Here are some of them and concise guides on how to clean them

Hair Brush

Because a hairbrush gets wiped in the process of brushing hair, many people assume that it is self-cleaning equipment that needs no further cleaning. But this assumption is dangerously misguided. Hairbrushes can get mangled over time and this can only be reversed by giving them a wash. Also, because hair is good at hiding germs, hairbrush has the potential of transferring infection-causing germs from one head to another. This makes it imperative to give them regular cleaning, especially the ones used in salons and barbershops.

How to Clean a Hairbrush

To do this, you will require warm water, an old toothbrush, and shampoo. You will need to use the hairbrush to wiggle the warm in a bowl to loosen grime and dirt stuck on it. You may want to let it stay in the water for about two minutes to let the dirt absorb water and soften then wiggle again. Remove the brush from water and add a few drops of shampoo to it. Use an old toothbrush to brush between the bristles until you can see no dirt. You’re done.

A Mattress

A mattress is a crucially pivotal home essential that requires a lot of care. A dirty mattress will not only deny you quality sleep but is also harmful to your health. Cleaning a mattress is slightly complicated. You won’t expect to clean a mattress with a cleaner like any ordinary clothing. Learning how to clean a mattress is an art that requires some degree of mastery and dedication.

How to Clean a Mattress

Because cleaning a mattress is quite engaging, you may instead want to involve professional mattress cleaners to do it for you. This will save you time and scrape off any possibility of making a mistake. If you decide to do it yourself, you will need a vacuum, enzyme cleaner, detergent, cleaning cloths, and clean water. With all these in place, you will be amazed by reading professional tips on how to clean a mattress from a specialist.

Coffee Grinder

The taste of homemade coffee from your own coffee grinder is one of the most awesome. Coffee grinder plays a crucial role in boosting the deliciousness of our breakfasts, but, unfortunately, only a few people realize that it needs cleaning.

How to Clean Your Coffee Grinder

To clean the coffee grinder, you will need to grind some rice through it to get rid of coffee dust and odors. Rice is also helpful in cleaning any trapped spices in the equipment. Using vinegar also produces incredible results. For a comprehensive guide on how to clean your coffee grinder, you may need the full article dedicated to that.

Why You Should Give Deserving Attention to Low Traffic Areas

During cleaning, low-traffic areas like guestrooms, ceilings, and under the beds are always given undeservingly little attention. This is not a well-guided practice as those places have the potential of housing dangerous animals and insects like snakes, mice, and spiders. Even though it is not feasible to clean these low-traffic areas as frequently as you clean your living room, you should also avoid ignoring them for too long.

Other Often Ignored Things and Places

Because you are not only cleaning the house to look tidy but for health purposes too, you should keep everything clean. Ovens, refrigerators, and cleaners are some of the least cleaned devices at home yet they are some of the most utilized. If you have ever noticed a mildew smell from your clothes even immediately after removing them from a cleaner, then the cleaner is the problem, it needs cleaning. Other things we need to clean are keys and yoga mats.