Why You Should Take Your Bathrobes to the Beach

beach bathrobes

As beach season approaches, beachgoers everywhere are getting ready for some much-needed time away from the stresses of everyday life. For beach-goers with a sweet tooth, beachside retreats like Florida’s own Siesta Key Beach promise swoon-worthy beach experiences. The beach has become increasingly popular with tourists and locals alike for its white sand shorelines, clear blue waters, and nightly summer sunsets. With visitors flocking from near and far to experience all that Siesta Key beach has to offer, many have taken to renting beachfront beach houses for the days they spend frolicking in the sun.

Perfect Bathrobes for Luxurious Beach Outings

Luxury bathrobe robes are the perfect addition to your luxury beach experience whether you’re on Florida’s sun-drenched beaches or just lounging at home. If you want to truly complete the beach day experience, Boca Terry luxury bathrobes are a great way to do so.

Luxury bathrobes are a big business. When luxury is used in reference to a bathrobe, it means these robes have an extremely soft feel and appearance for those who want to look their best even when they walk from one room of their home to another. Luxury bathrobes also have matching slippers available.

There’s nothing as relaxing as a luxury bathrobe after a long day at the beach. A luxury bathrobe from Boca Terry is great for returns from the beach to your luxury hotel room, or it can also be used in your home after a shower. These luxury bathrobes are made of 100% Turkish cotton and available in many luxury colors and sizes up to 3XL.

The Variety of Stylist Bathrobes

On our site, you’ll find several different styles of bathrobes, including short robes with belt loops, luxury short terry cloth robes for men and women, plus towels. You’ll also find beach towels, luxury towels, and luxury microfiber towels up to 5XL.

When you think of luxury beach attire, what comes to mind? Well, probably a sarong and bikini. But bathrobes are making a comeback in resorts and on the beaches of Florida. Boca Terry is one of the most popular luxury beach robe brands of today, but why should you take your bathrobes to the beach?

5 Reasons To Take Your Bathrobes to the Beach

There are so many ways you can wear bathrobes and towels, but what about luxury bathrobes? Perfect for beach-side relaxation or pool lounging, luxury robes are great companions during the summertime. Here are five reasons why you should take your luxury bathrobe to the beach.

1. They’re super absorbent

Luxury bathrobes are made from Boca Terry, which is 80% cotton and 20% polyester – making it soft on the skin while providing superior absorption. At 1/8 inch thick, terry towels weave thick loops that provide a ton of surface area for maximum absorption.  This makes them perfect for soaking up water after a day at the beach or active water play in the pool.

2. They’re quick-drying

Fabrics are engineered to be water-resistant, yet breathable. This means bathrobes dry quickly between uses. After a day of playing in the sun and surf, luxury robes make it easy to towel off – leaving you fresh and ready to enjoy your evening beachside with friends or family after sunset.

3. They have pockets for valuables & electronics

Luxury bathrobes have pockets set into the side seams that are perfect for storing your smartphone, cash, keys, sunscreen, bug spray, lip balm – whatever you need while at the beach!  Pockets on luxury robes are located both inside & outside of the fabric so they won’t hold onto moisture or sand. Whichever luxury robes you choose, they’re sure to become the talk of your beach trip!

4. They can also serve double-duty as extra blankets on chilly evenings

While these robes are perfect for sunning and swimming, they offer an extra layer of warmth in the evening when the temperature dips low during summertime. These thick terry towels with hoods make for satisfying substitutes on cool nights – staying cozier than beach towels, while still providing that spa experience at home or away.

5. You can wear them all day (and night!) without getting overheated

Keeping cool is key to surviving summertime in a hot climate, where luxury terry towels were developed in Boca Raton, Florida. Even in hotter climates, luxury robes provide a cooling effect that feels good against the skin when the sun is at its most intense – without sacrificing luxury or comfort for practicality.

You should take your luxury bathrobe to the beach because they’re super absorbent and quick-drying; with pockets for valuables and electronics, you can wear it all day (and night!) without getting overheated, and they make great beach blankets when the temperature drops.

When your luxury bathrobe becomes your beach blanket, you’ll also find it is perfect for all of life’s leisure moments! So grab yours today and go enjoy summertime in flamboyant style.

Boca Terry luxury bathrobes are a unique product. Luxury bathrobes are a luxury spa experience at home or away. Luxury robes allow for maximum absorption and quick-drying, with pockets for electronics and other accessories. Boca Terry luxury robes make perfect beach towels but also provide extra warmth on chilly summer evenings. In summary, luxury Boca Terry towels can be worn all day (and night) without overheating, making them the perfect accessory to take to the beach!