Why Are Long Lashes & Brows So Important

Lashes & Brows

Most people think of lashes and brows as just hairs around your eye with little use or purpose other than the cosmetic uplift they give to a face. Do you too think the same?

The lashes and brows on your face are there for a reason and here we tell you what they are meant for –

Lashes keep your eyes safe from foreign particles

When someone touches your eyelashes, your eyelashes release a reflex and instinctive response that alerts your brain that you should shut your eyes to protect your eyes. A signal from your eyelashes to your eyelids tells them to close if an object (such as a sharp object or particles in the air) is about to fly into them. It also helps keep the eyes healthy because the eyelashes’ curled curvature allows sweat and other foreign particles to escape via the apertures in their upper and lower rows.

Lashes & brows protect eyes from the sun’s rays

By blocking out the sun’s rays, your eyelashes, eyebrows, and forehead all work together to keep your eyes safe from its intense glare. Despite the fact that they aren’t a substitute for sunglasses, they do a good job of blocking out the sun’s rays and protecting your eyes.

Lashes maintain adequate hydration levels in the eyes

Lashes in front of the eyes restrict the passage of air over the eye surface. This in turn reduces the evaporation of moisture content of eyes, which is especially significant in hot weather. The longer and denser the lashes are, the better they serve the purpose of maintaining adequate moisture levels in the surface of the eyes.

Lashes and brows are a sign of overall well-being

Eyelashes can also act as an early warning sign of sickness, a function that is less well-known because the reason for eyelash loss can sometimes be a sign of decreased immunity in some people. This is useful information. If you have eyelashes, you may have to deal with a wide range of conditions, including Demodicid (an eyelash mite infestation) and trichiasis. Several more eyelash-related disorders and conditions include diastasis, blepharitis and madarosis.

Importance of lashes in elevating a person’s looks

Lashes are often tied up with a person’s youthful looks. A lush, dense, and long lash line makes a person look 10 years younger while the one with a sparse and thin lash line looks much older than his age. Lashes are usually linked with femininity and can instantly ace up the looks of even a make-up free face. People generally choose false eyelashes and lash extensions to get fluttery lashes, however, these are just temporary fixes and the wise option would be to choose an eyelash growth serum that works so that the lashes grow and thrive naturally. The market is flooded with so many lash and brow serum, but choosing the top eyelash serum that is formulated with advanced peptides and humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin can alone give you the best results. You can try 100% vegan long lashes serum like Lustrous Lashes that are approved by ophthalmologists and dermatologists and are safe to be used on most skin types.

Importance of eyebrows in elevating the youthfulness of a person

Your eyebrows can look bushy and untidy if they aren’t regularly trimmed. A polished appearance can be achieved with a well-groomed brow. It’s hard to miss a woman with neatly groomed brows, even if she isn’t wearing any cosmetics. No amount of cosmetics can make up for unattractive brows, which are one of the first things people notice about you.

Your eyes will appear larger and more young if your brows are correctly trimmed. It’s important to choose the proper shape of eyebrows to enhance the beauty of the eyes. If you choose the wrong one, it might make you look old, exhausted, or even furious. The shape of your eyebrows isn’t one-size-fits-all. To find the best brow form for your face and eye shape, look at your own face and eyes. The form and thickness of your brows may also be influenced by current brow fashion. Brows that are well-structured and symmetrical in form are more appealing to the eye.If you have small eyes or a gap between your eyes, eyebrows have the capacity to drastically transform your face. The appropriate brow shape might help you achieve a more elongated and defined facial profile. It can also be used to deflect attention away from blemishes on the lower area of the face.

Eyebrows helps you change the way your face looks

Although you can’t change your face shape, you can change the way your face looks by modifying your brows. A shortening effect on the face can be seen, for example, in the form of the eyebrows. Flat eyebrows can be used by women with longer faces in order to give the impression of a more balanced face.

Keeping your brows and lashes healthy and well-groomed is one of the best ways to keep your face beautiful naturally. So, give them the attention and care they deserve and enjoy fluttery, killer looks!